Merkaba Light Table Certified Practitioners Directory



Master Certified Practitioners

Francia Yaffe, B.Msc.            West Palm Beach, Florida         561-308-9501

Movement For Health, Inc.     

Services: Certified Merkaba Light Table ‘Master Practitioner’, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Level 2 QiGong, Certified Level 3 Fa Chi, Certified Aqua Motion, Certified Pilates Trainer, Sound Therapy, Metaphysical Practitioner.

My Merkaba Light Table Testimony:

The MLT is a new and unique Wellness Therapy. It is a cutting edge modality that uses both ancient and current metaphysical and scientific technologies. I have a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science and have experience working with a multitude of different wellness therapies, so the MLT sparked my interest. Since using the MLT process in my practice, my clients are experiencing an accelerated level of positive personal transformations.

The MLT works on many different levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. My clients have been able to release negative issues and transform these issues into more positive energies so they can life a life of peace, harmony and balance. They were able to experience the inner workings of their inner world. The unseen became seen. One of my clients said it so beautifully ‘Work needs to be done in order to obtain peace’. Throughout her sessions she was able to find the peace she was searching for and make significant positive energetic shifts. I feel the MLT is the perfect device with an intelligent energy that works with the client and practitioner on what is needed.

My clients rate stress as their number one concern, however, after just one MLT session every client reduced their stress level by 50%-100%. The most dramatic was a client arrived with stress level at 8 (on a scale 1-10) and finished with stress level at 0-no stress. As a practitioner, what was most impressive was the clients reported their stress-reduction was able to carry over for many days. They were able to release the issues that were causing the stress. They felt calm and more relaxed. Some clients arrived with physical pain, (knee, neck, headache, etc.), and were able to leave with less pain or pain-free. During the MLT session, some experienced more energy flowing throughout their body, felt weightless, felt like an internal massage, less anxiety, more energy and less muscle tension and experienced better sleep patterns.

A MLT session can be very relaxing and put you in a meditative state. Clients experience great peace, serenity and feeling blissful. One client said, ‘I have worked with energy before and meditate, but nothing has been so immediate, strong, and relaxing. I was able to go deeper into mindlessness than ever before’.

The MLT is a valuable and much needed Wellness Therapy in my practice. It can also enhance and compliment other Wellness Therapies. I have used the MLT before a Reiki session. My clients, as well as myself immediately felt a stronger energy at work than previous Reiki sessions. The MLT session ‘prepared’ the client and myself for receiving a more highly effective level of energy. Reiki sessions are powerful and effective, but are even stronger in their healing ability after a MLT session.

It is extremely rewarding to watch the positive changes taking place in my clients because of the MLT. I am excited and honored to be offering the MLT to humanity. I invite you to come and experience this new, amazing device and transformation process. It could change your life.
Francia Yaffe, B.Msc.
Movement For Health, Inc.
West Palm Beach, Florida


Maurah Kaunah                                      Elk, WA                                    509-292-5144               


Services: MLT (Merkaba Light Table) private sessions, Crystal Light Bed Therapy from Brazil, Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Sessions, Chi Machine, Ionic Foot Bath, Shamanic Work: Power Soul Retrieval, Divination, Power Animal Retrieval, Tuvan Drumming, Diagnostic Journeying for discerning and retrieving an individual’s healing needs, Extraction (intrusion removal), Compassionate Depossession, Curse Removal, Angelic Reiki, Minister for Marriage Ceremonies. Master MLT Practitioner, Solfeggio Tuning Fork Practitioner, Certified as a Usui Reiki Master and Angelic Reiki Practitioner Levels 1 and 2, Specializes in Shamanic Healing Modalities

My Merkaba Light Table Testimony:

The Merkaba Light Table sessions affect my clients spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Some feel physical healing taking place. All seem to relax after a session and feel more emotionally balanced.

For those who have had multiple sessions, here is what various clients said: (1)“ I found myself going deeper with each additional session. I felt as if I was going into higher and higher dimensions. And while there, much work was done on me on all levels of my being: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I seem to have a stronger connection to Spirit.” (2) “I especially enjoyed the meditations, the Space meditation where I went out of my body and joined the Angels and Galactic High Beings of Light. This was a real trip! The essential oil and tuning forks added to the overall enhancement of the journey.” (3) “Maurah is an experienced practitioner in many modalities and helps make the client comfortable and receptive to the healing which takes place while on the MLT. She offers helpful explanations and grounding tools when coming back from the session.”

I always ask the client to have an intent for the session. I then ask them to be willing to receive the healing and to believe it will happen. No one has ever come off the MLT in distress. All seem to feel more relaxed, which usually is a desire for a client. This process can help a client take control of his/her own healing process, being a proactive and co-creative participant.

All of us seem to need support during this time of ascension on our planet. Remembering that the MLT devices origin was from being channeled by Deb from the Angelic Realm, asking the Angels to help in this ascension process is not only wise but helpful. Because this is a free will and free choice planet, we need to ask for help! The angels are happy to help!

The Angelic MLT produces a powerful energy with sacred geometry that works on body, mind, and spirit levels to help in the ascension process and awakening. It helps balance the body, mind, and spirit and activates the bodies to higher consciousness. This will be noticed over time as one uses the MLT again and again. There is a merkaba for each of the 7 chakras. The chakras can be calibrated through dowsing before and after treatment.

Having many alternative modalities of healing is crucial to the success of your healing practice. I find that the various healing devices complement each other. For example, having the Crystal Light Bed from Brazil and using it in conjunction with the MLT is a powerful combination. Also, using the Tuning Fork Therapy along with the MLT enhances the healing. If you want powerful healing for your clients, you need a MLT! The MLT is user-friendly for the practitioner as well as the client. One can use the MLT to ready the client for additional healing modalities. It’s like preparing them for the next step.

Maurah Kaunah
The Healing Center at Free Space in Elk, Washington


Enhanced Certified Practitioners


Valerie Holman                                 Spokane, WA                        509-343-4263       

Services: Certified Merkaba Light Table ‘Enhanced Practitioner’, Licensed Massage Therapist (1985) and Certified Energy Practitioner (2000). I also offer Emotional Release Technique, Reiki, Tuning Forks, Raindrop Technique, and a Forgiveness Process.

My Merkaba Light Table Testimony:

The MLT brings clients to a state of peace and calm by creating balance in all levels of their being (i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It also helps them to see issues from a different perspective.
My MLT clients are experiencing reduction in stress (from starting stress levels of 5-10/10, down to 0-3/10), and the issues that were causing the stress don’t matter anymore.  On the physical level:  cold sores stopped in their tracks; pain from a bladder sling was gone; new colds had a life of only 3 days with very mild symptoms; and stress during finals week was gone.

My clients are calmer, less stressed and more relaxed after a MLT session, and some are even getting a glimmer of who they are.  They like it. Clients are sometimes aware of energy movement and change in different parts of their bodies.  One client told me that the MLT process goes deeper than any energy work I have done on him.
The difference between the MLT and other wellness devices/processes, is that the MLT works faster and deeper. The MLT enhances the healing potential of the other wellness modalities I do on a client, after the client has experienced the MLT first.
The MLT enhances all modalities by bringing all of the client’s bodies into alignment, allowing the practitioner to clear any remaining blocks faster and easier. The MLT not only releases emotional and mental blocks that are causing mental/emotional and physical distress in the body, but it is allowing for a deeper healing response from my other modalities.

Valerie Holman, LMP
Healing Vibrations
Spokane, WA


Atina Zink – Atinas Healing Touch                                           Pasco, WA                                                   509-737-7283

Services :  Holistic Massage, Craniosacral, Reflexology, Certified Merkaba Light Table Practitioner

My Merkaba Light Table Testimony

What I have experienced most from working with the MLT is the energetic shift of energy, of how effortlessly the cosmic flow synchronizes with not only my rhythm, but my client’s rhythm as well. The messages from spirit are unforgettable. The MLT can allow you to feel and expand your body’s chakra energy fields. What was stuck becomes unstuck. The MLT facilitates with dimensional communication: connecting with your higher self, angels and/or spirit guides allowing you to clearly tune into the messages that you are asking for. The MLT facilitates energetic flow of the body so effectively that the body regenerates quickly on a cellular level. You will experience the most amazing meditation of your life and/or spiritual awakening while under the MLT.

Working with the MLT is different from other modalities. For instance, I work a lot with crystals, and it seems that some people are tuned into the crystal energy, while others are not. With a MLT session, everyone gets it! I do craniosacral work under the MLT and my client’s body is in this shift of energetic flow. Whereas, if I am doing craniosacral work without the MLT, the shift of energetic flow takes longer or perhaps another session.

My clients that experience the MLT subconsciously show me what is in their hearts. Sometimes it is the deepest pain that they are storing within the matrix of their body’s, or the eternal beauty that is let loose to shine. It is sometimes difficult to deliver their body’s messages…however my guides/angels assist me word by word on how to translate for each individual.

My clients have been positively affected on spiritual, physically, emotional and mental levels. 1st is physical, as all of my clients report to me on how they can feel their energy chakras expand and move through their body, and most often they also report that they can feel someone or something touching their head or their feet. 2nd is Spiritual, as most of my clients state that they feel the presence of someone close to them or a guide during the meditation part of our sessions. Most report a spiritual awaking. 3rd is emotional, as when the energy of their body is in rhythm and/or flowing, the emotional energy of the body starts communicating, especially the connection between the heart and mind which leads into the 4th mental aspect of positive change when working with the MLT.

I believe the purpose of the MLT for humanity is to assist every soul who spends time under the MLT in finding their path back to their authentic selves. It also helps to facilitate each individual in experiencing vulnerability in their heart space so that they can discover their courage to uplift their hearts in their unique ascension process. When we all remember our true self, then we will remember that this Earth is already paradise just waiting to be truly experienced from our innocent nature.

The MLT is not just another piece of equipment, these are sentient beings of love and light here to help assist and guide you on your path. If you choose to become a part of the MLT family, say goodbye to your darkness, because whatever you may be denying within yourself, the MLT will keep bringing it up in your face until you choose love, unconditional love. Then you go to the next level and the levels never end. Also the MLT really does facilitate cellular regeneration, which is amazing.

Working with the MLT has positively changed me, because Merkaba’s are everywhere in my life. I sleep every night under an X-large Merkaba, and there is a large Merkaba on whenever I am working in the massage room. The light ascension energies from all the Merkaba’s that I personally experience are changing my DNA (the matrix that makes up me) and I know my authentic self from these experiences.

Atina Zink
Pasco, WA
Atinas Healing Touch


Basic Certified Practitioners


Linda Montano                                   Denver, Colorado                           720-231-6260,


Services: Certified Merkaba Light Table Practitioner, Pranic Healer: Advanced PH, Crystal PH, Pranic Self defense, Pranic Psychotherapy, Usui Reiki Master, Tuning Forks, Raindrop Therapy, YL Distributor Essential Oils, Aspen Program: Medical Health Intuitive, Spirit Medium, Psychic.   Member: Camp Chesterfield School of Metaphysics

My Merkaba Light Table Testimony:

It has been very exciting for me to work with the Merkaba Light Table. It is different from other healing modalities because there are so many wonderful tools in this process that work in harmony to create a peaceful, relaxing state for the client.

In working with a wide range of ages, I have experienced that the MLT does definitely reduce stress, and creates a feeling of relaxation and well-being in people of all ages and walks of life. My clients ages range from 18yrs-80yrs and all have received some benefit from these sessions in one form or another. My clients with highly active lifestyles and corporate positions have noticed their stress levels dropped significantly after their MLT session.

Working with the MLT has been very positive for me because I feel confident that this process works. When done properly, it balances the chakras and prepares the body to accept my Pranic Healing sessions, or any other healing modality that I choose to use.

The MLT session raises the vibration of your working environment exponentially. The MLT calms and balances your client and helps to put them in a restful state. The body then becomes very receptive to other healing modalities. I have experienced a profound deepening of this on my Pranic Healing clients. My clients are always less stressed and much calmer. Many say they feel like they think more clearly, feel more organized, and get things done.

I would say that the MLT process is a great service to humanity, by raising the human vibration on spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional levels. It is very wonderful to experience a peaceful sense of well being in this fast paced hustle and bustle life many are into in this day and age.

Linda Montano
Soul Quest Healing
Denver, Colorado