Merkaba Light Table Training and Certification

Benefits of Being a Certified Merkaba Light Table Practitioner

  • Become a ‘cutting edge wellness’ therapist with this new transformational device, which compliments and enhances your current therapy
  • It complements the body’s natural restorative processes, which helps to enhance any wellness modality
  • As a new wellness modality, you are able to increase the holistic harmony of your client’s body, mind and spirit.


 Merkaba Light Table Training – a Holistic Wellness Process

  • The Certification training teaches you how to work with the MLT and the transformational tools and processes
  • The process starts with a pre-screening application. We are looking for practitioners who have a current wellness practice (i.e. massage, craniosacral, Reiki, energy therapy, Bars Access Consciousness, biofeedback etc.)


Certification Process

  • Purchase a MLT unit, sign the business and license agreements, attend a one day Merkaba class, attend the Free MLT practitioner training the next day, finish the required MLT practicum hours (for practicing and becoming proficient in doing the MLT process and documenting the results,) and complete a final certification proficiency questionaire. Then upon approval of all certification requirements, you receive your certification diploma, and your business can be listed in the MLT website directory of certified practitioners.
  • Yearly requirements: Pay the yearly licensing fee and complete an online or in person training class. The intent is to keep all certified practitioners updated as to the latest process and device improvements, to continually help in facilitating your proficiency with the MLT process. Success for you is our goal!



A Merkaba Light Table Session

  • During a MLT session on a client, the therapist puts the client on the massage table under the Merkaba Light Table, while using the other tools that come in the MLT package. A session typically lasts 30 minutes. Then the therapist finishes the clients session by using their own wellness modality on a client that has been ‘primed’ to receive the modality. This whole process provides a ‘Complete Wellness Experience’ for a client. This device and process is on the cutting edge of a new paradigm in energy medicine.

Client Feedback Testimonial (after a Merkaba Light Table session)

… I loved the energy of the MLT even before I got on the table…really liked the meditation
… I felt so relaxed and at peace after my session with the MLT.    I highly recommend this new healing device to others
….I felt waves of peaceful energy flow thru my body during the MLT session. I could even feel it for days afterwards, which really surprised me and also confirmed to me that the MLT is a very special, powerful new therapy. I am so excited to see how the world embraces the wonderful energies of the MLT

Merkaba Light Table Packages

Personal / Home Package
  • Package includes: 3 medium Angelic Merkabas, one tripod stand, 3 spinners, 2 meditations  $600 plus s/h


Professional MLT Certification Practitioner Packages
  • The Certified Practitioner Packages ‘Includes FREE TRAINING for life! Once you have taken your first Certification Training and are a Certified Practitioner in good standing, you are welcome to come to any Certification Training that I offer in the USA for FREE! You are responsible for all your associated travel expenses.
  • There are 3 levels of Certification Packages (Master, Enhanced, Basic), with various items in a package. Please contact Deb for details and pricing.




Scientific Study of the Merkaba Light Table

  • This comparison study was conducted to document what changes can be made to the human chakra energy field, after using the ‘Merkaba Light Table’.
  • Each participant took a ‘before’ reading of their chakra system with a BioWell energy scanning device, then experienced a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session (which uses an energy therapy process to balance the chakras and energy field of a person), and then did an ‘after’ reading of their chakra system.
  • The diagrams below show the actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of this study. The diagrams show that when a person experiences a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session, positive changes, such as aligning of their chakras can occur.






Practitioner Feedback from a licensed Massage Therapist 
… I did a massage at end of the MLT session and found her normally very armored back muscles, to be much softer and it was easier to go much deeper on her back.

…Client was surprised at how deep the healing was at his last session. He said that he has been searching for a deep healing, like he once experienced in Sedona, AZ.  He also said that he has never gotten that deep of a healing from any of the energy work I have done in the past.  After his MLT session, he slept till seven the next morning. He noticed his attitude was much improved and he was more joyful. At todays MLT session, he again went into deep meditation.  He noticed that about after the tuning fork therapy, he could feel warmth going down his arms.
Again, by the end of the MLT session, his chakras were very evenly balanced.  When I did massage on him after the MLT session,I noticed that his hips were not rotated, the muscles were much softer, and I was able to work deeper from the very start of the massage.  I was also aware that his right upper arm knots were softer and stringy, rather than one solid mass.
He has noticed that his household ‘chores’ are getting done when they need to be done, with no procrastination.  He has also become aware that his 3D co-workers don’t upset him, which is reducing his stress level at work.

…I noticed that the surface layer of her neck and back muscles were no longer armored

Practitioner Feedback about what it is like to use the MLT in her professional practice
…I know from direct experience of working with the MLT, that it is a new technology that has an inherent intelligence. I do not need to ask a client about their issues, because ‘I’ am not doing the therapy on them. It is the MLT that ‘knows’ what is bothering a person, and that is the location or topic that the MLT works on. I believe that this new energy transformational device IS the new paradigm of holistic healing for humanity, going into this time of world consciousness awakening into the age of enlightenment. It is an honor to work with this powerful and loving intelligent energy device.

Feedback from a Biofeedback Therapist
…I determined that when the ‘Gatekeeper Angelic Merkaba’ was activated in my therapy room, the ‘healing energy potential’ for the client went to 500%. After 15 minutes of this Angelic Merkaba spinning, the ‘healing energy potential’ for the client rose to 1000%. Using dowsing, I concluded that the ‘maximum healing energy potential’ for a client could be 1200%! The implications of this are staggering!

Feedback from a Craniosacral Therapist
…When I do craniosacral, a head hold that normally takes 45 minutes, became only 7 minutes after my client had a MLT session just before the craniosacral session. It seems like the MLT is able to ‘prime’ a client’s mind, body and spirit to a point of receptivity, where the subsequent health practitioners therapy can be done to a much higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. This is an amazing breakthrough for the world of Holistic Health Practitioners.


Wanted: Alternative Wellness Practitioners that want to add a powerful energetic healing device to their business, which ‘compliments’ your healing modality. Be on the ‘cutting edge’ of your profession with the addition of the ‘new’ Merkaba Light Table !