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July 19, 2017
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February 12, 2018

Awakening Lessons L1


Description of Ascension and Light Body Awakening Lessons  (Level 1)

  • Want to accelerate your understanding and integration of Ascension and the Light Body awakening?
  • Lessons contain: topic knowledge and lesson, lesson practice sheets, goal setting intents, and guided meditations as MP3 downloads.
  • The training course will be sent via email attachments.
  • These Ascension and Light Body Awakening training lessons are the result of years of personal experiences and direct divine teachings from higher beings of light, whose purpose is to help humanity go through the Ascension process.


Ascension and Light Body Awakening Lessons    only $55 for :

  • What is the Ascension process and what does it means for you
  • Ascension terminology and awakening exercises
  • Spiritual Practice foundation for Body, Mind and Spirit transformation
  • Light Body activation energy exercises
  • Light Body activation breathing exercises
  • Using Consciousness Calibration Markers to accelerate your Ascension progress
  • Conscious Calibration Markers practice plan
  • Learning about energy, frequency and vibration
  • Understand the importance of connection to Mother Earth and to galactic higher consciousness
  • Understanding how Angelic Merkaba sacred geometry accelerates ascension
  • 10% discount for an Angelic Merkaba 
  • Sacred Triad meditation MP3
  • Angelic Merkaba activation meditation MP3
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Coaching Lessons

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