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July 19, 2017
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February 12, 2018

Awakening Lessons


Description of Ascension Awakening Lessons 

  • Want to accelerate your understanding and integration of what Ascension means for you?
  • Want coaching lessons to help you with spiritual transformation into your Ascension awakening process?
  • These Ascension Awakening Teachings Lessons are the result of years of personal and direct divine teachings from higher beings of light, whose purpose is to help humanity go through the Ascension process.
  • These affordable, yet powerful spiritual Ascension lessons will help shift your spiritual consciousness into higher frequencies of vibration, as well as accelerate your transition from 3D to 5D energetic levels.
  • Lessons may contain: easy to understand Ascension teachings, lesson practice sheets, goal setting intents, and occasional guided meditations by MP3 download.
  • Each lesson is sent via email.


Ascension Awakening Lessons    $55 for all below:

  • What is Ascension and what it means for you?
  • Ascension vocabulary terminology
  • Creating the foundation of a Spiritual Practice
  • Spiritual Practice Ideas for Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation
  • Why the Power of Intent is so important
  • Power of Intent manifestation exercise
  • How Consciousness Calibration Markers help track your Ascension progress
  • Conscious Calibration Markers Practice Plan
  • Sacred Triad meditation
  • Activating your Sacred Triad connection to Mother Earth and Source


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Coaching Lessons

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