Classes Offered

Angelic Merkaba and Merkaba Light Table  –  Ascension Tools for Transformation Class

  • Experience the high vibrational energies of the Angelic Merkaba
  • Learn new sacred geometry energetic tools and techniques for wellness transformation
  • Experience personal lightbody and merkaba activations for ascension awakening
  • Learn fun meditations and exercises to open up your intuition and spiritual heart center
  • Work with personal Angelic Merkabas to create sacred space for body, mind and spirit transformation
  • Experience the Merkaba Light Table, which compliments the wellness potential of existing therapies
  • Benefits: Accelerates well-being and spiritual enlightenment of your Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • This class is a prerequisite class toward becoming a  ‘Merkaba Light Table Certified Practitioner’
  • Students get special discount pricing on personal Angelic Merkabas for sale!




         Merkaba Light Table Certified Practitioner Training

  • This training is FREE to people who purchase a professional Merkaba Light Table package and want to be trained as certified MLT practitioners.
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       Advanced Lightbody and Ascension Class

  • Are you a Lightworker that ‘longs for the loving freedom of Home?
  • Experience Lightbody and Ascension energetic activation exercises to awaken to your true divine self
  • Learn about and experience the 4 levels of spiritual consciousness
  • Learn new Lightbody techniques to help you energetically shift from 3D to 5D consciousness
  • These teachings come from Debs personal Lightbody awakening experiences and guidance from divine beings of light




Angelic Merkaba Dowsing Class

  • Angelic Merkabas can be used as powerful dowsing tools to clear negative energies and raise the energetic vibration levels of homes and land
  • Angelic Merkabas create sacred space, and bring in ‘positive vibrations’ into a space after it has been cleaned
  • They complement and enhance other dowsing protocols, or they can be used as a stand-alone powerful dowsing and space clearing tool
  • Learn energetic protocols for helping trapped spirits in cemeteries to cross over to ‘heaven’
  • Learn techniques on how to energetically clear Homes and Land
  • Get introduced to the new process of Galactic Dowsing, which helps in the ascension of Mother Earth
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     Earth Healing Class – Protocols, Techniques and Sacred Ceremony

  • Learn how Angel Gates, Angel Gate – Medicine Wheels, Angelic Merkabas, sacred drums, and sacred wooden staffs can be used for earth healing.
  • Understand how Sacred Geometry patterns create energetic portals to higher realms of consciousness
  • Learn proper protocols for interacting with the Spirits of Nature





Chakra Balancing

Human Energy Field and Chakra Balancing Class

  • Understand the human chakra system
  • Learn various chakra clearing and balancing techniques
  • Use tuning fork sound therapy to help clear and balance the chakras
  • Learn how to work with Angelic Merkabas to balance the chakras
  • Activate your intuition to connect with the human energy field


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