Earth Healing

Earth's Ascension Process

  • Mother Earth is transitioning into a higher state of ascension consciousness.
  • The earth and humanity are in a state of global change, the result of which will be expansion into a world of peace and love.
  • Spiritual lightworkers have been called into action, having earth missions to assist in this ascension awakening process.
  • The old energetics that no longer benefit this planet, have to be transmuted into the new energetics of light and love.
  • A vital part of this process is connecting with new galactic ascension energies.
  • This is achieved by lightworkers releasing the old energies, and anchoring in new galactic based energetics of new codes for ascension.
  • Spiritual guidance told me in 2012 that we are transitioning from being ‘Lightworkers’ into being ‘LightWalkers’ (beings of light that hold and walk their high vibration of light and energy).

Galactic Earth Healing

  • Deb Peterson is a uniquely gifted lightworker and ‘lightwalker’, whose spiritual mission is to assist in the energetic ascension of Mother Earth and humanity.
  • I am a conduit for anchoring in new galactic energy upgrades and codes into the planet.
  • I follow divine spiritual guidance to locations that need clearing, healing, balancing, and activation into new galactic ascension energies.
  • Past Galactic Earth Healing missions have included: England’s sacred sites and ley lines (Stonehenge, Avebury, St. Michaels Mount, Hurlers stone circles), and areas of the USA (Americas Stonehenge NH, Taos NM, Cahokia Mounds IL, Serpent Mound Ohio, and other ancient mound builders and stone sacred sites)
  • Go to my Blog to read about some of my earth healing missions.
  • To contact Deb:, 509-262-4685

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Galactic Earth Healing Fundraising Project

  • Goal: To continue doing the spiritual Galactic Earth Healing services for the ascension awakening of the planet.
  • I am asking for your donations to assist in the special Galactic Earth Healing mission, by helping to cover travel expenses.
  • For your donations, there are ‘Promotional Incentives’ as ‘thank you’ gifts: Angelic Merkaba sacred geometry healing tools and classes, shamanic power animal retrieval, guided meditations, and professional home and land dowsing clearing. Contact me for donation incentive level details.
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