Interdimensional Portals of Sacred Geometry
March 18, 2016
England’s Galactic Ascension Activation
July 31, 2016

Mt Shasta  

As one of the seven sacred mountains in the world, Mount Shasta is charged with powerful energies. The mountain is considered alternately as the Heart Chakra or the Head Chakra of the planet. The I AM Activity, a religion based on instructions dictated by St. Germain in the 1930s on Mt. Shasta, states that this is the place where Christ energy enters the planetary grid.

Local Native Americans believe Mt. Shasta is where God lives and Creation began. Many believe there is a city under the mountain and that Mt. Shasta is a portal between dimensions. It is said that the lenticular clouds so frequently seen here are generated when a vehicle moves between dimensions. Tibetan Buddhists, who are building a monastery here, have 28 specific criteria a mountain must meet to be called sacred. Mt. Shasta is the only one in the USA that meets all 28. People have been drawn to be present with Mt. Shasta’s pristine and beautiful natural environment for years.

Black Butte

The Shastina cone, along with the then forming Black Butte dacite plug dome complex to the west, created numerous pyroclastic flows that covered 43 miles, including large parts of what is now Mt. Shasta, California and Weed, California. Black Butte, once known as Muir Peak, is a “plug dome” volcano located between Mt. Shasta City and Weed. It has sometimes been called a cinder cone, resulting from one of Mt Shasta’s many eruptions, but it is actually a separate volcano.


In past years, I noticed that when I drove by this land formation, I felt a deep connection with it. A couple years ago, fate brought me to a greater understanding and connection with it. I joined a group of spiritual people that went to Mt. Shasta in 2014. I shared with them that I was being directed to do a portal activation at Black Butte. While doing sacred ceremony, I connected with extraterrestrial beings that were inside the mountain. It is like an ET airport. I saw flying craft everywhere and communicated with star beings, and energetically anchored in a vortex. Then the group experienced many magical things on and around Mt. Shasta.

I had met Ellowan, a wonderful spiritual lady, whom I felt great past life connections with and who was ‘on my same page’ energetically regarding doing earth energetic work. We were guided to go to Mt. Shasta in the spring of 2016 to work with the energies of Mt. Shasta, to help facilitate letting her rest. We were to temporarily redirect Mt. Shasta energies to Mt. Taranaki in New Zealand. We were able to long distance telepathically connect with Mt. Shasta and the inner earth beings there a few weeks before, and were able to have a ‘heads up’ on what we were to do.

As we were driving into the Mt. Shasta area, we both noticed that Black Butte was energetically very strong and stood out, asking for connection with us. The 2 day spiritual experience was one of listening to what the spirit of Mt. Shasta and Black Butte were asking for. It was very magical.

We energetically shifted the main energies from Mt. Shasta, going thru the conduit of Black Butte, and then on to Mt. Taranaki.


Mt. Shasta was now able to rest and rejuvenate. While on the mountain, we connected with the inner earth beings of Telos. We also facilitated nature spirits that looked like dwarfs, to once again be able to come to the earth surface, after being in the inner earth for a long time.

Magical things were continually happening, one of which was a special tree that was in a line of trees that were at the foothills of Mt. Shasta, acting as guardian spirit trees. When I took a digital camera picture of it, I could see a ‘face’ in the tree, and I was able to communicate with it- this was one of this trips highlights for me. Also for the first time, I was able to connect with the inner earth beings of Telos, being able to see and communicate with them, after they asked me to step thru a portal which was between two trees. My spirit body was able to energetically go to meet these beautiful loving beings. I am so grateful for awakening to my spiritual purpose, which is to help in transmuting and anchoring in earth and galactic energies on a global level.