Ascension Merkaba Energy Healing Class

  • Understand how sacred geometry  Ascension Merkabas (previously called: Angelic Merkabas) are beneficial to reduce stress, increase inner peace, accelerate spiritual awakening, and provide an ‘energetic tune-up’ of the chakra system.
  • Ascension Merkabas provide a high vibration energy field which can compliment and enhance existing alternative wellness therapies (i.e. Reiki, cranialsacral, massage etc).
  • This class explores using various energetic tools (tuning fork sound therapy, pendulums, and divine energy) to create sacred space for positive transformation, when combined with the energy of Ascension Merkabas.

Awakening Ascension Consciousness

  • Understand the benefits of awakening your higher levels of consciousness
  • Learn to daily work with your levels of consciousness for positive transformation
  • Energetically connect with your multi-dimensional soul
  • Experience personal lightbody and merkaba energetic activations
  • Accelerate your higher divine self-awareness with these spiritual teachings
  • Practice merging into the consciousness of Ascension oneness
  • Note: this is an intermediate to advanced consciousness class. A student must be experienced with meditation and be able to shift your state of consciousness

Merkaba Energetic Dowsing

  • Learn a new dowsing protocol to energetically clear homes and land of negativity.
  • This process uses an Ascension Merkaba to help clear, and then bring in high vibrational energies into the cleared space.
  • This Merkaba Dowsing  protocol complements and enhances other dowsing protocols.
  • Get introduced to the new process of Galactic Dowsing, which helps in the ascension of Mother Earth.

Basic Dowsing and Energy Class

NOTE:   This class is comprised of 2 topics: one is learning how to use dowsing tools in a variety of useful everyday situations, and the other section is using energetic dowsing skills to connect with natural earth energies.

  • Dowsing is an ancient art of connecting your intent to an outcome, through using dowsing tools such as a pendulum or L-rods
  • Dowsing can be important to help get yes/no answers for everyday life questions, to indicate healthiest food and supplements, to find negative and positive energies in your home or on your land, and much more
  • Learn how to use basic dowsing tools such as a pendulum and L-rods
  • Energy dowsing can balance your chakras, and pick out the best crystals for you
  • Energetic dowsing can help you to connect with beneficial earth energies in nature
  • Practice map dowsing to clear unwanted energies from homes and land
  • Energetic device-less dowsing will be discussed

Working with the 3rd, 4th and 5th Ascension Dimensions

  • Learn the most comprehensive summary of the Ascension dimensional levels, in an easy to understand format.
  • Work with a ‘Consciousness Calibration Markers Worksheet’ to transform your life on a daily basis
  • Learn how to go beyond your limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Develop a spiritual practice of working with these dimensional levels to raise your vibration
  • Learn how to apply Ascension tools for wellness of body, mind and spirit
  • This is a powerful new divinely-inspired spiritual technique

Testimony: “This is the most detailed and comprehensive explanation of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional levels I have ever seen. I have used the weekly practice worksheets to transform my life.” – student in Tucson

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Merkaba Energetics

  • Merkaba Energetics (formerly Merkaba Reiki) is a divinely inspired new energetic technique, which is complementary to existing energy therapies, like Reiki.
  • This protocol uses the energetic power of Ascension Merkaba sacred geometry to raise a person’s energy field vibration, reduce stress, and amplify positive intention.
  • Learn long distance healing using sacred geometry energetics.
  • Experience using various Ascension Merkabas to assist in positive transformation.

Energy Field and Chakra Balancing

  • This is a fun, experiential class to explore various energy balancing techniques.
  • Understand the human energy field, the chakra system and learn chakra balancing techniques.
  • Experience energetic tools and techniques such as: crystals, tuning fork sound therapy, sacred geometry, dowsing tools, and shamanic drum sound energetics.
  • I teach 7 chakra balancing and 12 chakra balancing methods