Angelic Merkaba – Ascension Tool for Transformation

  • Learn new sacred geometry energetic tools and techniques for wellness transformation.
  • Experience lightbody and merkaba activations for ascension awakening.
  • Enjoy powerful meditations to open up your intuition and spiritual heart center.
  • Experience the powerful energies of the Merkaba Light Table.
  • Work with Angelic Merkabas to create sacred space for body, mind and spirit transformation.

Lightbody and Ascension

  • Learn new, divinely inspired lightbody techniques to help you shift from 3D to 5D ascension consciousness.
  • Experience lightbody and ascension activation exercises to awaken to your true divine essence.
  • Learn about the 4 levels of spiritual consciousness.
  • Understand what it means to go from being a ‘lightworker’ to a ‘lightwalker’.

Merkaba Energetic Dowsing

  • Learn this new dowsing protocol to energetically clear homes and land of unwanted negative energies.
  • This process uses an Angelic Merkaba to help clear, and then bring in high vibrational energies into a cleared space.
  • This Merkaba Dowsing  protocol complements and enhances other dowsing protocols.
  • Get introduced to the new process of Galactic Dowsing, which helps in the ascension of Mother Earth.

Earth Healing Techniques and Sacred Ceremony

  • Learn techniques to connect with nature for clearing and raising Mother Earths vibration.
  • Learn about the power of Angelic Gate – Medicine Wheels, sacred drums and staffs, and sacred geometry patterns for earth healing.
  • Understand how sacred geometry patterns create portals to higher realms of consciousness.
  • Learn proper protocols for interacting with the spirits of nature.

Merkaba Light Table Training

  • MLT Training to become a Merkaba Light Table Certified Practitioner.
  • Be part of a growing field of alternative wellness therapies that use advanced sacred geometry.
  • This new modality compliments and enhances existing wellness therapies.
  • Be on the ‘cutting edge’ of your wellness profession.

Merkaba Energetics

  • Merkaba Energetics (formerly Merkaba Reiki) is a divinely inspired new energetic technique, which is an enhancement and complement to existing energy therapies, like Reiki.
  • This protocol uses the energetic acceleration power of Angelic Merkabas (stellated star octahedron sacred geometry).
  • Angelic Merkabas and energy based therapies have a commonality of therapeutic results, as well as being energetic systems.

Human Energy Field Balancing

  • Understand the human chakra system.
  • Learn various chakra clearing and balancing techniques, using tuning fork sound therapy, advanced sacred geometry energetics, and divine energetic transmissions.