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April 13, 2022

Visit Inside a UFO Spaceship

In April of 2022 I was invited to go aboard a UFO spaceship in Madera Canyon, outside of Green Valley, AZ. I was in the middle […]
January 7, 2022

Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2021 – ‘Return of Great White Brother and Oneness Consciousness”

Dec 21, 2021 Winter Solstice – ‘Return of the Great White Brother and Oneness Consciousness’ I was told by Spirit that it was very important to […]
January 7, 2022

Vision – ‘Connecting with Native American Wisdom Keepers’

Nov. 2021 Vision – ‘Connecting with Native American Wisdom Keepers’  Red Cloud, a chief of the Oglala Lakota tribe, came to me in a vision to […]
January 7, 2022

Vision – ‘The Watchers and Winds of Change’

Dec. 2021 Vision – ‘The Watchers and Winds of Change’ For about 2 years, I have been visited by the Watchers (very high interdimensional beings of […]
January 7, 2022

Vision Dec. 12, 2021 – Gateway to Higher Oneness’

Channeled Message from divine Spirit (a collective of higher dimensional light beings, whose main directive is to help guide Mother Earth in consciousness ascension awakening) and […]
August 1, 2021

Sacred Bear and Lake Titicaca Golden Solar Disc 7-4-21

Here is my vision when I asked Gaia what she wanted for the July 4th Galactic Earth Ascension group intent and lightwork to be. After the […]
August 1, 2021

Pleiades Galactic Sacred Triad Activation 7-25-21

I received this vision about the upcoming intention for my Galactic Earth Ascension group to focus upon for July 25, 21. I saw three new sacred […]
August 1, 2021

Orion Galactic Sacred Triad Activation 7-15-21

July 4th was a special day of shifting into a new consciousness frequency for the planet. The Galactic Earth Ascension group lightwork has been laying the […]
August 1, 2021

Ascension Awakening of Galactic and Egyptian Energies on 7-30-21

I was going to go for a walk, but my spiritual guidance/intuition said no, stay inside and get ready to receive a new vision. I have […]