Merkaba Dowsing

Ascension Merkaba Energetic Dowsing Protocols

Land Clearing Protocol

  • Connect With the Spirit Of The Land To Ask Where It Is Best To Place The Angelic Merkaba, And Allow The Ascension Merkaba To Be A Catalyst For Whatever Energies Need To Be Released Or Brought Forth For The Highest Divine Good
  • Hang A Spinning Ascension Merkaba Somewhere On The Land, Telepathically Connect With It, And Ask It To Start Clearing And Setting Sacred Space For The Land
  • When the Land is Energetically Cleared, Ask the Ascension Merkaba to Bring In Positive High Vibrations Into The Newly Cleared Space.
  • You May Also Add Any Additional Positive Intentions Into This Process

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House Clearing Protocol

  • Set The Intention For Your Home Clearing Job To Clear And Set Sacred Space, And To Bring In Positive High Vibrations Into The Newly Cleared Space, For The Highest Divine Good.
  • Communicate This Intention Telepathically To Your Ascension Merkaba

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  • Use Your Intuition Or Pendulum Or Dowsing Rods To Determine What The Best Placement Location Is Of The Ascension Merkaba In The House, And Set Up The Ascension Merkaba On A Spinning Device That Spins Clockwise (when seen from above looking down).
  • This Spinning Creates Vortex Scalar Waves, Which Are Powerful Energetic Amplification Waves
  • When The Ascension Merkaba Is Spinning, You May Continue To Do Dowsing Techniques For House Clearing
  • You Will Find That Your Dowsing Protocol Becomes Quicker And More Powerful When You Use An Ascension Merkaba As Part Of The Protocol
  • To Book A Clearing For Your Home, Call Or Email Me. This Can Either Be With Me In Your Home Or Through A Long Distance Session. I Work To Clear Any Negative Intrusions, Portals, Thoughtforms, Unwanted Trapped Souls (Ghostbusting) And Geopathic Stress Influences. With The Use Of The Ascension Merkaba, I Then Anchor In High Positive Vibrations Into Your Living Space.

 Professional Dowsers Protocol

  • You Can Check The Negative Rating Of The Space Before You Begin, To Give You A Baseline From Which To Monitor The Energetic Changes
  • Then Set Up A Spinning Ascension Merkaba In The Area To Be Energetically Cleaned And Telepathically Ask The Ascension Merkaba To Start Clearing The Space

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  • Then Proceed With Your Normal Dowsing Process
  • When Done, Check That The Energy Rating Has Neutralized To Zero.
  • Telepathically Connect With Your Ascension Merkaba And Ask It To Bring In Energies That Are In The Highest Divine Good Of All, For The People And Land, And Check What The Positive Energy Rating Is
  • Professional Dowsers Have Recorded Substantial Positive Energy Ratings Which Using The Ascension Merkaba To Creative Positive Energies After The Space Has Been Cleaned.

Galactic Earth Healing Lightwork

  • This Spiritual Gift Allows Me To Be A Conduit For High Vibration Interdimensional And Galactic Energies To Be Anchored Into Mother Earth, To Assist In The Ascension Process.
  • Go to my BLOG to read about my galactic dowsing adventures

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  • This Sacred Geometry Symbol Works With Metatron And Lemurian Dolphin Energetic Symbology For Earth Healing.
  • To Work With It, Draw This Symbol On The Earth Wherever You Go, To Create A Sacred Energetic Portal For The Land.