Benefits of a Merkaba Light Table Session

      *** New Office Location in Green Valley, AZ ***

  • Creates a peaceful state of well-being (stress reduction)
  • Increases harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Complements and boosts the body’s natural wellness processes
  • Creates an ‘Energetic Tune-Up’ on multiple levels
  • Clears and balances the chakras and lightbody energy field
  • Benefit from experiencing Tuning Fork Sound Therapy
  • Accelerates higher consciousness connection and personal transformation


Scientific Study of the Chakra Balancing Benefits of a Merkaba Light Table Session

  • This scientifically based study was conducted to document what changes can be made to the human chakra energy field, after using the ‘Merkaba Light Table’.
  • Each participant took a ‘before’ reading of their chakra system with a BioWell energy scanning device, then experienced a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session.
  • Then an ‘after’ reading of their chakra system was taken.
  • The diagrams show the actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of this study.
  • The diagrams show that when a person experiences a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session, positive changes, such as aligning of their chakras can occur.


      *** New Office Location in Green Valley, AZ ***

  • Past life and spiritual regression (soul council and spiritual mission understanding), weight reduction, stop smoking.
  • For more information go to my hypnosis website:
  • Contact me for pricing and to make an appointment.

Merkaba Dowsing- Energetic Clearing for Homes and Land

  • I use a new dowsing protocol, Merkaba Energetic Dowsing, to energetically clear your home and land of unwanted negative energies.
  • This process uses an Angelic Merkaba to bring in high vibrational energies into a cleared space.
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Shamanic Services

  • Power animal and soul retrieval, extraction, spirit releasement (ghostbusting), and divination.
  • Contact me for in person shamanic session pricing and to make an appointment.
  • I also offer ‘long distance’ sessions for Power Animal Retrieval. The process involves the client and I talking on the phone or thru email so that I know what background circumstances may be responsible for needing a power animal retrieval. Then a day/time is set for me to do the retrieval. When the retrieval is finished, the client and I talk on the phone that same day. I share what power animal was retrieved, and then I lead the client into a meditative/shamanic state of consciousness to energetically connect with their new power animal.
  • To schedule a Power Animal Retrieval long distance session, contact me by phone or email (free 5 minute consultation), then we proceed with the setting  the date for the retrieval.

Lightbody and Ascension Coaching

  • Accelerate your spiritual ascension awakening with these new, divinely inspired techniques of working with your lightbody to raise your energetic vibration and ascension consciousness.
  • The Ascension Coaching sessions are convenient internet lessons of techniques and ascension wisdom teachings. This link takes you to the Store page to sign up for internet coaching sessions.