Private Sessions

Energy,  Sound, Shamanic, and Merkaba Sessions


  • Is a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which is based on the understanding that a vital energy flows through the body
  • The human electromagnetic field contains energy patterns which define your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical makeup
  • The understanding of this energy field is becoming recognized by mainstream science, as well as the role of energy therapy
  • Energy therapy involves the balancing of subtle life force energy fields, which can positively affect the mind, body and spirit
  • I am an energy therapist who uses various techniques to positively shift the subtle life force energy field. I am trained as a Reiki Master (a form of energy therapy)


  • Can positively affect your mind, body and spirit by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, elevating one’s mood, altering biochemical beta-endorphin levels, and stimulating positive therapeutic results
  • It is part of a growing number of subtle-energy therapies which make up the new field of vibrational medicine.
  • As a sound therapist, I use TUNING FORKS, TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS, and therapeutic DRUMMING (with a sacred hide drum) as sound modalities
  • TUNING FORK SOUND THERAPY helps clear and balance the chakra energy system and light body energy field. It creates an ‘energetic tune-up’ on multiple levels



  • I offer a 1 hour long distance Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval to assist you in energetically merging with the beneficial energies of your personal Power Animal.
  • I do a 20-25 minute shamanic journey before our scheduled phone call to retrieve your Power Animal.
  • Then we have a 35-40 minute phone call where I tell you what Power Animal Retrieval information I have received. $85.



  •  I offer a 1 hour long distance Shamanic Therapy session, where I am guided by the shamanic energies for what a person needs at that time. It includes an energetic tune-up to help balance your energy field.
  • This shamanic work involves connecting with my shamanic spiritual helpers to know what the client needs, and then using various shamanic techniques to transmute negative or unwanted energies into beneficial energies
  • I have extensive training in the 2 week and the 3 year programs from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies
  • As a ‘spiritual gatekeeper’, I am able to communicate with higher dimensions of light and energy, galactic beings of light, angels, and nature spirits



  • Ascension Merkabas are sacred geometry devices which positively affect the human energy field and accelerate personal transformation.
  • The energy clearing  works with the scientifically based concepts of energetic sacred geometry, vortex scalar technology, and quantum physics vibrational entanglement.


  • Private Sessions can be either In-Person or Long Distance (which still carries energy). I intuitively use any of the above therapies that are best for the client in a session
  • A one hour session is $95.  A 90 minute session is $135. Two hours is $150.
  • Payment: cash or check
  • Long distance private sessions can be prepaid thru Paypal
  • Email me to schedule an appointment:


Disclaimer: my services are in no way meant to be a replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or orders of your physical. Debra cannot medically or psychologically diagnosis, assess, treat, or prescribe in any way.



TESTIMONIES of In-Person Private Sessions:

“My session brough me into a deep place of peace. My body was connected and transported through the saguaro, to feel the energy of Mother Earth. My mind is pulsing from a journey through a portal that felt like deep space and was a deep twilight purple. I am both relaxed and energized. I feel a deep sense of peacefulness. The session was a very relaxing experience of sound and visualization, that will help me actualize my journey of growth”. – J


“Starwalker did a healing energy session on me and it was memorable. She had a cloth over my eyes so that I wouldn’t be distracted and I could relax better. During the whole session, I could feel energy swirling around me that felt fantastic. At one point she was using a singing bowl to my immediate left, but I could feel Spirit Healers working at my feet. I could feel everyone’s powerful healing energy surrounding me, take the painful energy from my light body and send it away. I’ve been having problems in my solar plexus area and at one point I was telepathically shown healing hands parting my energy field and removing what looked like two thunderbolts. The hands then gently closed the hole in my energy field and I felt like what can only be described as a huge weight taken out of and off of my body and being energized with a brilliant white light. I’ve also been bothered daily with a sore, scratchy throat for months and I felt that something was taken out of my throat area. I now am free of that sore, scratchy throat. I was also telepathically told from the Spirit Healers how to take better care of my body. Awesome experience!” – Wanda


“Deb gave me an energy session in the spring. I had been feeling lower energy than usual. She used her various tools (tuning forks, drum, Tibetan bowl etc.) after checking my chakras, which were low in energy. During the session I saw one of the guides appear at the end of the massage table. When the session was over, I was feeling so light and energized. It was great and I highly recommend one of her sessions. She had done a guided image on me the year before and I had a really nice experience and hope to do one with her again.” by Pat Ambrosic


“The energy session I had with Deb was excellent. I experienced a heightened sense of mental awareness. The session also helped me gain a better sense of my body in relation to the physical space I exist in. Emotionally, mentally, and physically I felt very positive after the session. I recommend Deb for energy work.”  G.S


TESTIMONY of a Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval Session:

“Deb “Starwalker” Peterson journeyed on my behalf to retrieve my power animal and it was flat-out life changing! She patiently described every animal that showed up, and once my power animal passed her ‘test’, she infused the animal’s energy into my crown and solar plexus. I felt a major shift in personal power.

Two animals, which also appeared along her shamanic journey, communicated to me that I had completed a couple of major life issues. It felt as if those animals showed up to release me from old habits, patterns, and beliefs. Once released, it made room for the energy of my new power animal to fill in the space. I  left the power animal retrieval feeling healed and infused with a fearlessness and empowerment that I’ve never experienced before. I highly recommend Deb, as I have had retrievals done in the past that haven’t come close to the healing and power I felt while working with Deb.” – K


TESTIMONY of a Hypnotherapy Session:

” Thank you so much for the wonderful experience you guided me through. I have felt so much lighter and free from knowing so many things from my past. The guilt I was carrying was something I never really was consciousness of…Everything about the experience with you was meant to be a gift from our creator. I thank you again so much.” – D.P.


TESTIMONY of a Long Distance Energy Session:

“This past week I had a long-distance healing session with Deb Starwalker. I was in need of an energetic fortifying and balancing, because I had been through a difficult year of uprooting and moving, as well as experiencing my mother pass away very recently.

I laid on my bed in my room, while Starwalker and I set intention for my session over the telephone. Starwalker explained that she would use a surrogate in my place as I would equally receive the energies long distance. In her sacred healing space, she worked on energizing my chakras, through her healing abilities and by the use of a sacred drum, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and the Ascension Merkaba.

I could palpably feel the energies around and through me, as I deeply relaxed and received. I could especially feel the drumming within my being as a strong sensation. My body rhythmically moved in unison with the drum beats.

After my session, Starwalker debriefed with me and told me many things about my energy field and her impressions as she worked on me. One highlight was that my mother’s energy came forward to merge with me. Starwalker was able to open and energize some chakras that were weak and in need of energy. I feel balanced and stronger in myself since the session.

Starwalker has the gift to assist in one’s healing and the ascension process by energizing and guiding the higher frequencies of light through your body. Thank you Starwalker for sharing these beautiful gifts with humanity.”

Much love, A.P   


Scientific Chakra Study of a Merkaba Light Table Session

  • This scientifically based study was conducted to document what changes can be made to the human chakra energy field, after using the ‘Merkaba Light Table’.
  • Each participant took a ‘before’ reading of their chakra system with a BioWell energy scanning device, then experienced a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session.
  • Then an ‘after’ reading of their chakra system was taken.
  • The diagrams show the actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of this study.
  • The diagrams show that when a person experiences a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session, positive changes, such as aligning of their chakras can occur.
  • Tuning Fork Sound Therapy – uses high quality tuning forks which are individually tuned to the frequency of each of the 7 chakras
  • 7 Chakra System Explanation– First (base of spine) grounding, survival,  – Second (lower abdomen) creativity, sex,  – Third (solar plexus) energy center,  Fourth (heart) divine love,  – Fifth (throat) communication,  – Sixth (3rd eye) intuition,  – Seventh (crown) spiritual connection

Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery

  • Guided imagery/ guided meditation/ guided visualization: is a gentle, but powerful technique which focuses the imagination to create positive images in your mind
  • Benefits include reducing stress, promoting relaxation, an increased sense of well-being, and creating an increased harmony between the mind and body
  • Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of positive suggestions and guided imagery, to facilitate beneficial changes in a person’s life.
  • Hypnosis is a safe, natural alpha state of consciousness which can be an enjoyable experience of deep physical and mental relaxation
  • People that can be hypnotized easily are intelligent, have good focus and concentration ability, can visualize, can express emotions, and can get into a daydream state easily
  • I am a professionally trained, experienced hypnotherapist since 2004
  • I specialize in Past Life and Spiritual Regression (for understanding your spiritual earth mission, relationships, phobias, and for soul council guidance).
    • Past Life Regression: works on the premise that the ability to recall and understand past life traumas, will release or ease the result of these past traumas in your present life
    • The concept of and understanding of past ‘karma’ is addressed in the process
    • Reading resources: ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss
    • Spiritual Regression: facilitates the opportunity for a person’s soul to re-experience the spirit realm (where souls go between human incarnations)
    • A person may connect with their Soul Council (beings of light which assist each soul regarding their earthly mission and soul purpose)
    • A client may communicate with their spirit guides or angels, as they feel the loving energies of ‘Home’
    • My Spiritual Regressions are similar in results to the popular QHHT hypnosis. My teacher was a specialist in this type of spiritual regression
    • Reading resources: ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ by Michael Newton
    • Testimonial: ‘I specialize in spiritual hypnosis and past life regressions. The session with Deb was one that changed my life in many ways. She is the first and only regressionist I have met who could take me to the same level as I take my clients to. I fully trust and highly endorse Deb, not only for her talents as a hypnotherapist, but also for her high integrity and compassion for others’ Char


  • A one hour session is $95.
  • A 90 minute session is $135 (recommended).
  • A two hour session is $165


Disclaimer: my services are in no way meant to be a replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or orders of your physical. Debra cannot medically or psychologically diagnosis, assess, treat, or prescribe in any way.

Energetic Clearing and Ghostbusting of Homes and Land

Ghostbusting/Shamanic Spirit Releasement

  • Being able to see, feel and communicate with many dimensional levels and spirits, I am able to detect earthly trapped spirits and help them go onto the higher dimension of heaven
  • This is done thru communicating with the ghosts and assisting them in wanting to return to the spirit world
  • I create an energetic ‘stairway to heaven portal’, and with the assistance of angels and/or shamanic helpers, the ghosts are able to leave the earth plane and go ‘home’

Interdimensional Portal Light Work

  • Being an interdimensional gatekeeper, I can see, feel and transmute negative energetic vortexes, portals or ley lines into beneficial places
  • I combine my intuitive body dowsing ability along with my ability to transmute dimensional energies to clear non-beneficial energies and to anchor in beneficial portals of light
  • To read more about this Portal Light Work go my website page Earth Healing

Merkaba Dowsing

  • I use a new dowsing protocol, Merkaba Energetic Dowsing, to energetically clear your home and land of unwanted negative energies.
  • This process uses an Angelic Merkaba to bring in high vibrational energies into a cleared space.


Contact me for pricing and to make an appointment. This light work can be done in person or long-distance

Testimonial of a Long-Distance Ghostbusting, Shamanic Spirit Releasement and Portal Dowsing energy transformation of an area in AZ. A friend Wanda, and I did this spirit work together.

      “I recently hired Deb Starwalker in Green Valley Arizona to ‘clear’ my house after experiencing a series of negative events over the last few years. I am a daily meditator, and perceived that there was a large, negative ‘tumor’ embedded in the ceiling of our master bedroom.  Some voices informed me that this was the source of negativity in the house, and this grotesque organism had developed the ability to cause depression and anger…both qualities with which my wife and I have struggled through the years.  

     At the agreed-upon time, from her location in Green Valley, Starwalker was able to take command and tune in on the dark pervasive energy, not only in our house…but in the general area of Mesa, Arizona where we live.  She identified what I perceived to be this ‘tumor’ as a large negative portal created by an energy flow restriction. She was able to successfully reverse and reroute this flow and close off this portal, thus improving the energy in our house.  

     Also, Starwalker connected with a native shaman in Spirit who informed her we live in a ‘forbidden land of dark energy’ in this neighborhood.  As unbelievably cryptic as this sounds, I was able to verify her experience as she described it later. She successfully transmuted the ‘darkness’ by creating a ‘multi-level fire.’  Without communicating with her by text or phone at the time of the session, I viewed an intense fire in meditation.  Apparently at precisely the same time that she created the fire, I came out of my fire-meditation and immediately smelled smoke in the house and outside in the neighborhood.  I walked down the street, and could not see anyone burning a fire in their chimneys…no need! It was nearly 70 degrees that afternoon. I looked at the horizon and could see no smoke from any would-be local fires structure or brush fires. 

     In addition, she picked up on an historical massacre of a number of Mexicans whose souls were trapped in the area.  She was able to create a portal to assist in the crossing-over of said souls.

     All-in-all, I was fascinated and very satisfied with the Spirit work performed by Starwalker.  It feels like a dark veil has lifted off of our house, and I am not as depressed as I was before.  She is a magnificently talented light entity who performs God’s work with great presence and confidence. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a ‘clearing’ of challenging, negative circumstances in their lives.”

Ken W. Mesa AZ” January 2021

Shamanic Services

  • I have extensive training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, having gone through the 2 week and 3 year programs
  • Shamanism is an ancient tradition which offers ways to connect with helpful aspects of the physical and spiritual world to assist in positive transformation
  • I offer Power Animal retrieval, Extraction, Spirit Releasement (ghostbusting), and Divination
  • These services assist in clearing a person’s energy field of unwanted energies, and to help connect a person with helpful beneficial energies
  • As a ‘spiritual gatekeeper’, I am able to communicate with higher dimensions of light and energy, angels, and nature spirits
  • I also offer ‘long distance’ sessions for Power Animal Retrieval. A day/time is set for me to do the retrieval. When the retrieval is finished, the client and I talk on the phone that same day. I share what power animal was retrieved, and then I lead the client into a meditative/shamanic state of consciousness to energetically connect with their new power animal.
  • To schedule a Power Animal Retrieval long distance session, contact me by phone or email (free 5 minute consultation), then we set the day for the retrieval.
  • A 45 minute long distance Power Animal Retrieval phone session is $85.
  • Before our phone call I do a 15-20 minute shamanic journey to retrieve your power animal and receive information on how to best work with it, which I share this information with you during our phone call. I have a total of 1 hour of shamanic time in your retrieval session.


Disclaimer: my services are in no way meant to be a replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or orders of your physical. Debra cannot medically or psychologically diagnosis, assess, treat, or prescribe in any way.

Spiritual Ascension and Lightbody Coaching

  • Accelerate your spiritual ascension awakening with these new, divinely inspired techniques of working with your lightbody to raise your energetic vibration and ascension consciousness
  • Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional consciousness level. It is an awakening into your higher spiritual vibration. You become more heart centered, compassionate and creative. Benefits of the ascension process include having a stronger connection to nature, an increase in coincidence and synchronicity, quicker manifestation, and increased sense of inner peace
  • Your lightbody is an energy platform for connection to the creator, and when activated, is the vehicle for the ascension process and consciousness awakening. It is a structure of pure light energy
  • These spiritual teachings are presented in the form of classes or internet lessons to help awaken your personal merkaba and ascension lightbody
  • The Ascension Coaching sessions are convenient internet lessons of techniques and ascension consciousness wisdom teachings