Private Sessions

Energy and Sound Therapy, and Merkaba Light Table Sessions

          Energy Therapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which is based on the understanding that a vital energy flows through the body

  • The human electromagnetic field contains energy patterns which define your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical makeup
  • The understanding of this energy field is becoming recognized by mainstream science, as well as the role of energy therapy
  • Energy therapy involves the balancing of subtle life force energy fields, which can positively affect the mind, body and spirit
  • I am an energy therapist who uses various techniques to positively shift the subtle life force energy field. I am trained as a Reiki Master (a form of energy therapy)
  • Sound Therapy can positively affect your mind, body and spirit by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, elevating one’s mood, altering biochemical beta-endorphin levels, and stimulating positive therapeutic results
  • It is part of a growing number of subtle-energy therapies which make up the new field of vibrational medicine
  • As a sound therapist, I use Tuning Forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and therapeutic drumming as sound modalities
  • Tuning fork sound therapy helps clear and balance the chakra energy system and lightbody energy field. It creates an ‘energetic tune-up’ on multiple levels
  • The Merkaba Light Table is a new sacred geometry device which positively affects the human energy field and accelerates personal transformation
  • It works with the scientifically based concepts of energetic sacred geometry, vortex scalar technology, and quantum physics vibrational entrainment
  • I am the creator of the Merkaba Light Table, and leading expert on this advanced sacred geometry therapy
  • Click here for more information about the Merkaba Light Table

Private Sessions can be either in-person or Long Distance (which still carries the energy)

  • A one hour session is $75 (which can be prepaid thru Paypal)
  • Due to Covid, all my private sessions are thru long-distance
  • Email me to schedule a session:


Scientific Chakra Study of a Merkaba Light Table Session

  • This scientifically based study was conducted to document what changes can be made to the human chakra energy field, after using the ‘Merkaba Light Table’.
  • Each participant took a ‘before’ reading of their chakra system with a BioWell energy scanning device, then experienced a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session.
  • Then an ‘after’ reading of their chakra system was taken.
  • The diagrams show the actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of this study.
  • The diagrams show that when a person experiences a ‘Merkaba Light Table’ session, positive changes, such as aligning of their chakras can occur.
  • Tuning Fork Sound Therapy – uses high quality tuning forks which are individually tuned to the frequency of each of the 7 chakras
  • 7 Chakra System Explanation– First (base of spine) grounding, survival,  – Second (lower abdomen) creativity, sex,  – Third (solar plexus) energy center,  Fourth (heart) divine love,  – Fifth (throat) communication,  – Sixth (3rd eye) intuition,  – Seventh (crown) spiritual connection

Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy

  • Guided imagery/ guided meditation/ guided visualization: is a gentle, but powerful technique which focuses the imagination to create positive images in your mind
  • Benefits include reducing stress, promoting relaxation, an increased sense of well-being, and creating an increased harmony between the mind and body
  • Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of positive suggestions and guided imagery, to facilitate beneficial changes in a person’s life.
  • Hypnosis is a safe, natural alpha state of consciousness which can be an enjoyable experience of deep physical and mental relaxation
  • People that can be hypnotized easily are intelligent, have good focus and concentration ability, can visualize, can express emotions, and can get into a daydream state easily
  • I am a professionally trained, experienced hypnotherapist since 2004
  • I specialize in Past Life and Spiritual Regression (for understanding your spiritual earth mission, relationships, phobias, and for soul council guidance)
    • Past Life Regression: works on the premise that the ability to recall and understand past life traumas, will release or ease the result of these past traumas in your present life
    • The concept of and understanding of past ‘karma’ is addressed in the process
    • Reading resources: ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss
    • Spiritual Regression: facilitates the opportunity for a person’s soul to re-experience the spirit realm (where souls go between human incarnations)
    • A person may connect with their Soul Council (beings of light which assist each soul regarding their earthly mission and soul purpose)
    • A client may communicate with their spirit guides or angels, as they feel the loving energies of ‘Home’
    • My Spiritual Regressions are similar in results to the popular QHHT hypnosis. My teacher was a specialist in this type of spiritual regression
    • Reading resources: ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ by Michael Newton
    • Testimonial: ‘I specialize in spiritual hypnosis and past life regressions. The session with Deb was one that changed my life in many ways. She is the first and only regressionist I have met who could take me to the same level as I take my clients to. I fully trust and highly endorse Deb, not only for her talents as a hypnotherapist, but also for her high integrity and compassion for others’. – Char
  • A one hour session is $65. A 90 minute session is $90

Merkaba Dowsing- Energetic Clearing for Homes and Land

  • I use a new dowsing protocol, Merkaba Energetic Dowsing, to energetically clear your home and land of unwanted negative energies.
  • This process uses an Angelic Merkaba to bring in high vibrational energies into a cleared space.
  • Contact me for pricing and to make an appointment.

Shamanic Services

  • I have extensive training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, having gone through the 2 week and 3 year programs
  • Shamanism is an ancient tradition which offers ways to connect with helpful aspects of the physical and spiritual world to assist in positive transformation
  • I offer power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction, spirit releasement (ghostbusting), and divination
  • These services assist in clearing a person’s energy field of unwanted energies, and to help connect a person with helpful beneficial energies
  • As a ‘spiritual gatekeeper’, I am able to communicate with higher dimensions of light and energy, angels, and nature spirits
  • I also offer ‘long distance’ sessions for Power Animal Retrieval. The process involves the client and I talking on the phone or thru email so that I know what background circumstances may be responsible for needing a power animal retrieval. Then a day/time is set for me to do the retrieval. When the retrieval is finished, the client and I talk on the phone that same day. I share what power animal was retrieved, and then I lead the client into a meditative/shamanic state of consciousness to energetically connect with their new power animal
  • To schedule a Power Animal Retrieval long distance session, contact me by phone or email (free 5 minute consultation), then we proceed with the setting  the date for the retrieval. 45 minute phone session $45

Spiritual Ascension and Lightbody Coaching

  • Accelerate your spiritual ascension awakening with these new, divinely inspired techniques of working with your lightbody to raise your energetic vibration and ascension consciousness
  • Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional consciousness level. It is an awakening into your higher spiritual vibration. You become more heart centered, compassionate and creative. Benefits of the ascension process include having a stronger connection to nature, an increase in coincidence and synchronicity, quicker manifestation, and increased sense of inner peace
  • Your lightbody is an energy platform for connection to the creator, and when activated, is the vehicle for the ascension process and consciousness awakening. It is a structure of pure light energy
  • These spiritual teachings are presented in the form of classes or internet lessons to help awaken your personal merkaba and ascension lightbody
  • The Ascension Coaching sessions are convenient internet lessons of techniques and ascension consciousness wisdom teachings