Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2021 – ‘Return of Great White Brother and Oneness Consciousness”
January 7, 2022

In April of 2022 I was invited to go aboard a UFO spaceship in Madera Canyon, outside of Green Valley, AZ.

I was in the middle of doing a shamanic blessing of a sacred wooden staff in the creek in Madera Canyon, when I looked up and saw a typical saucer shaped metal craft about 30 feet in diameter on a small bluff about 100 feet away. Standing beside the craft were 3 extraterrestrial beings that looked like tall greys with large dark eyes and a smooth whitish body with no clothing.

The ET being that seemed to be the leader, asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on the spaceship. After pondering this question for about 15 seconds, my reply was that I appreciated the offer, but I was doing a shamanic sacred staff activation and I felt I had to complete this ceremony. I telepathically told this being thanks for the offer, but I felt obligated to finish my shamanic ceremony.

I said I would be willing to do a ‘short visit’ to the spacecraft and get back to them about going for a ride later. Since I have been working with benevolent galactic beings for years, I was not fearful and communicated with honesty and respect.

I energetically left my body and entered the spaceship. Inside, it looked like a 2-story huge enclosure. From the outside, it looked like a small 30-foot diameter craft, but inside it looked massive! (I later heard or read that people who had also gone aboard these types of spaceships noticed they looked small on the outside, yet huge inside. It left my brain wondering how this optical illusion space discrepancy could be).

I also noticed that when I turned in the direction of where my body was, I could ‘see through the walls of the ship’. I saw my body standing on the side of the creek holding the sacred staff. (I later watched a video that said the government had back engineered technology from downed ET spaceships, and had produced material that looked like solid metal, but a person could see through it!).

This was the second confirmation of phenomena that I experienced while inside the spacecraft. My brain had no knowledge of these types of phenomena before that day.

I had a brief, couple minute telepathic conversation with the galactic occupants. The feeling of being around these galactic beings was like on previous visits to various galactic groups. They usually felt benevolent, peaceful, loving, wise, and had a very high energetic vibration. As a starseed, I would have a feeling of familiarity with galactic beings. It will be wonderful when earth civilizations awaken and become as wise and benevolent as these galactic beings.

When I finished the short visit, I thanked them for this opportunity and said that I look forward to going for a ride another time.