Deb Starwalker

  • ‘Starwalker’ is my spiritual name, given to me by Spirit while I was on a spiritual quest in Sedona, AZ.
  • Galactic Soul Mission Statement: “ To Help Mother Earth go thru the Stargate for Ascension”
  • Two purposes:
    • To assist humanity in awakening to their ascension process
    • To anchor in new galactic ascension energies into the planet through earth portal light activations (Galactic Earth Ascension Intentions)
  • Pleidian Starseed and Braided Walk-in – communication conduit and ambassador with Galactic beings of light
  • Higher spiritual beings communication: ‘the Watchers’, ‘Galactic Council’, Archangel Michael, Jeshua, and Egyptian dieties (Anubis, Thoth, Isis)
  • Galactic Earth Healer – clear and awaken earth portals for connection to the Galactic Grid and to our Galactic family
  • Lightworker and ‘Light Walker’ (holding your light as you walk upon earth)
  • Ascension and Light Body activation coach
  • Teacher on the ‘Ascension Merkaba’ – a Sacred Geometry ascension activation tool
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Energy Dowser – working with Ley Lines, Vortexes, and Portals
  • Energy and Sound Therapist
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapist
  • Coordinator of Metaphysical Ascension Groups for Consciousness Awakening
  • Metaphysical Teacher on a variety of metaphysical topics


Prior to my spiritual/metaphysical awakening my training and experience background was:

  • Academic Sciences: MS-Master of Science degree in Natural Resources, Environmental Science. I was in my 1st year of my PhD program to be a ‘heavy metal aquatic remediation scientist’, when I decided to pursue a future in metaphysics and spirituality.
  • Training and experience as an Engineer Technician and Surveyor. I was a technical operator of advanced surveying equipment.
  • I have experience and understanding of both worlds – the scientific analytical world and the spiritual/metaphysical intuitive world.
  • My 3D name is Debra Peterson
  • I like to use: Deb (Starwalker) Peterson


I am available to be a Speaker, Teacher, and Article writer on:

  • Ascension Coaching and Light Body awakening
  • Galactic Ascension Earth Portal Activations
  • Understanding and working with Ley Lines, Vortexes, and Portals
  • Knowing how the science of Quantum Physics helps explain Metaphysical concepts
  • Understanding how Consciousness, Dimensions, and Ascension are related
  • How to use Sacred Geometry in our lives
  • An energetically upgraded spiritual way to experience and work with Labyrinths (a unique energy communication that was gifted for me to do)
  • Creator and galactic gatekeeper of 6 Ascension Portals and the awakening City of Light in the Green Valley/Tucson AZ

It is important to do this lightwork for earth now, because we are quickening into higher ascension energies.


Summary of my local earth mission activities in Green Valley:

– Coordinator of 2 Metaphysical Groups for sharing information and creating community

– Teach a variety of Metaphysical classes: sacred geometry, ascension, light body activation, galactic connections, shamanism, dowsing, the afterlife, energy and chakras, nature spirits

– Coordinate a drumming group and have shamanic equinox and solstice sacred ceremonies

— Gatekeeper for the 6 ascension portals I activated in the Green Valley/Tucson valley

– Weekly Galactic Earth Ascension group intention lessons to help with the ascension of Mother Gaia and humanity

 Private sessions:  energy and sound therapy, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, shamanic healing, sacred geometry energy field clearing, and chakra balancing

– Creator of Ascension Merkaba sacred geometry tools to raise the vibration of homes and people, and clear the human energy field and chakras

Creator of Metaphysical YouTube videos on a wide variety of topics. Specialties: ascension awakening, galactic connections, earth healing ascension portals and vortexes


To see my Youtube Channel Videos click here: Wellness-Energetics