Deb Peterson

My spiritual mission is to help Mother Earth go through the stargate for Ascension.

Deb (Spirit Name Starwalker) Also known as the Merkaba Lady

      *** New Office Location in Green Valley, AZ ***

  • A leading authority and teacher on Angelic Merkaba sacred geometry
  • Creator of Merkaba Light Table energetic sessions
  • Energy therapist, Reiki Master, Tuning Fork Sound Therapist
  • Maker of personal Angelic Merkabas for sale
  • Creator of Merkaba Dowsing to energetically clear homes and land
  • Spiritual conduit for ‘Galactic Dowsing‘, to anchor in high galactic energies into Mother Earth for Ascension
  • Creator of Merkaba Energetics to Enhance and Compliment Reiki practitioner Sessions
  • Teacher of Lightbody and Ascension Activations

Shamanic Practitioner

  • Able to communicate with angels, nature spirits, and interdimensional beings of light
  • Sacred Wooden Staff Carrier (for working with vortexes and land clearing)
  • As a ‘Gatekeeper’, able to work with higher dimensions of light and energy
  • Shamanic services: power animal and soul retrieval, extraction, divination, ghostbusting

Mother Earth Healing Ceremonies

  • Spiritual conduit between heavenly energies and Mother Earth energies
  • Creator of the ‘Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel’ sacred geometry earth healing vortex
  • ‘How to Create an Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel Vortex’ DVD available in the Store

Galactic and Energetic Dowsing Lightworker

  • Spiritual conduit for Galactic Dowsing – anchoring galactic energies into earth for ascension
  • Dowsing work on ley lines, power spots, vortexes, and earth portal activations
  • Professional energetic dowser for clearing of homes and land
  • Galactic and Merkaba Energetic Dowsing book coming soon

Holistic Wellness Energy Therapist

      *** New Office Location in Green Valley, AZ ***

  • Reiki Master and Energy Therapist
  • Tuning Fork Sound Therapist
  • Matrix Energetics and Quantum Touch training
  • Hypnotherapist, specializing in Past Life, Spiritual, and Soul Council Regression
  • Check out my hypnotherapy website:  AlternativeHealthTherapy.com

Spiritual Teacher on Angelic Merkabas, Sacred Geometry, Ascension

  • Teacher and Coach on Ascension and Lightbody activations
  • Trainer for Merkaba Light Table Practitioner Certification
  • Teacher and Coach on Ascension and Lightbody activations
  • Channeler of Blue Ray ascension teachings
  • Creator of Merkaba Meditation CDs (Available in Store)

Lightbody Activation

  • The Ascension classes involve activating your personal Merkaba and Lightbody.
  • The new Lightbody teachings are a result of my own personal Lightbody activation experiences, being taught directly by Spirit.
  • These activations help you can step beyond the 3D experience, into the 4D moment of Now, and finally into the 5D expression of love and light.
  • I am dedicated to helping bring forth the Ascension process energies and to help people awaken into their own enlightenment process.
  • These teachings are presented in the form of classes and personal ascension coaching sessions.

My Story

  • For over 25 years, I have studied Spirituality and Metaphysics.
  • When I was 27 years old, I had a ‘walk in’ experience. I began to spontaneously remember my earthly past lives and also my star origin existence. I began to see and feel subtle energies.
  • In 2005 I was spiritually guided to reconnect with the Angelic Merkaba. My soul remembered working with it in Atlantis and ancient Egypt. Working with this ‘Spiritual Acceleration Device’ has been my hearts passion ever since.
  • In 2010 I started to channel Angelic Beings of Light and Blue Ray energies, which has resulted in the Ascension Merkaba Activation Classes, and the development of using the Angelic Merkaba as a vehicle and gateway into higher dimensions.