Deb Starwalker

  • Galactic Soul Mission Statement: “ To Help Mother Earth go thru the Stargate for Ascension”
  • Two purposes:
    • To assist humanity in awakening to their ascension process
    • To anchor in new galactic ascension energies into the planet through earth portal light activations (Galactic Earth Ascension Intentions)
  • Pleidian Starseed and Braided Walk-in – conduit for communication with Galactic beings of light to work thru me
  • Some of the higher consciousness beings I work with are ‘the Watchers’, the ‘Galactic Council’, Archangel Michael, Jeshua, and the Egyptian dieties (Anubis, Thoth, Isis)
  • Galactic Earth Healer – clear and awaken earth portals for connection to the Galactic Grid and to our Galactic family
  • Lightworker and ‘Light Walker’ (holding your light as you walk upon earth)
  • Ascension and Light Body activation coach
  • Caretaker of the ‘Ascension Merkaba’ – a sacred geometry ascension activation device
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Metaphysical Teacher
  • Energy and Sound Therapist
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapist


I am available to be a Speaker and Article writer on:

  • Ascension and Light Body awakening light work
  • And the Galactic Ascension Earth Healing Portal Activation energy work

In a presentation on Galactic Ascension Earth Healing, I present information about this lightwork and then guide people into experiencing an energetic connection with a light portal. This experience helps to raise their vibration and allow them to participate in doing healing lightwork for Mother Earth.

The galactic beings of light are emphasizing the importance of doing this lightwork for earth now, as we are quickening into higher ascension energies.

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