Deb (Starwalker) Peterson

Services / Talents:

  • Metaphysical Teacher 
  • Coordinator of Metaphysical Groups for Consciousness Awakening
  • Energy and Sound Therapist Private Sessions (Chakra balancing, Energy therapy, Shamanic sound drum therapy, Tibetan bowls, Tuning Fork energy balancing, Reiki, Ascension Merkaba Sacred Geometry energy clearing and transformation)
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapist (Past Life Regression and the Afterlife Spirit Realm)
  • Energy Dowser – working with Ley Lines, Vortexes, and Portals
  • Shamanic Practitioner (Power Animal retrieval, Non-Beneficial Energy Extraction, Spirit Releasement, Ceremonial leader, Sacred Staff Carrier). Teacher of Shamanic Journeying
  • Teacher of the ‘Ascension Merkaba’ – a Sacred Geometry Ascension activation tool
  • Ascension and Light Body activation Coach
  • Lightworker and ‘Light Walker’ (holding your light as you walk upon earth)
  • Galactic Earth Healer – clear and awaken earth portals for connection to the Galactic Grid and our Galactic family


Training and Experience Background:

  • Academic Sciences: MS-Master of Science degree in Natural Resources, Environmental Science. I was in my 1st year of my PhD program to be a ‘heavy metal aquatic remediation scientist’, when I decided to pursue a future in metaphysics and spirituality.
  • Training and experience as an Engineer Technician and Surveyor. I was a technical operator of advanced surveying equipment.
  • Training and certification as a Hypnotherapist. I specialize in Spiritual Hypnotherapy (metaphysically oriented sessions for Past Lives, the Afterlife, connection with Spirit Guides etc.)
  • I have experience and understanding of both worlds – the Scientific Analytical world and the Spiritual/Metaphysical intuitive world.
  • Ordained Minister
  • My metaphysical teachings incorporate a Left (Analytical) and Right (Intuitive) brain learning style.


Metaphysical Mission:

  • ‘Starwalker’ is my spiritual name, given to me by Spirit while I was on a spiritual quest in Sedona, AZ.
  • Galactic Soul Mission Statement: “ To Help Mother Earth go thru the Stargate for Ascension”
  • Two purposes:
    • To assist humanity in awakening into their ascension process
    • To anchor in new galactic ascension energies into the planet through earth portal light activations (Galactic Earth Ascension Intentions)
  • Starseed and Walk-in
  • Higher Spiritual Beings connection with ‘the Watchers’, ‘Galactic Council’, Archangel Michael, Jeshua, Anubis, Thoth.


I am available to be a Speaker, Teacher, and Article writer on:

  • Ascension Coaching and Light Body awakening
  • Galactic Ascension Earth Portal Activations
  • Understanding and working with Ley Lines, Vortexes, and Portals
  • Knowing how the science of Quantum Physics helps explain Metaphysical concepts
  • Understanding how Consciousness, Dimensions, and Ascension are related
  • How to use Sacred Geometry in our lives
  • An energetically upgraded spiritual way to experience and work with Labyrinths (a unique energy communication that was gifted for me to do)
  • Creator and galactic gatekeeper of 6 Ascension Portals and the awakening City of Light in the Green Valley/Tucson AZ area.

It is important to do this lightwork for earth now, because we are quickening into higher ascension energies.


My Spiritual/Metaphysical Activities in Green Valley:

– Coordinator of 2 Metaphysical Groups for sharing information and creating community

– Teach a variety of Metaphysical classes: sacred geometry, ascension, light body activation, galactic connections, shamanism, dowsing, the afterlife and NDEs, energy healing and chakras, paranormal phenomena, nature spirits, activating your psychic abilities, using color, sound and energy.

– Coordinate a drumming group and have shamanic equinox and solstice sacred ceremonies

— Gatekeeper for the 6 ascension portals I activated in the Green Valley/Tucson valley

 Private sessions:  energy (Reiki) and sound therapy (drum, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, rattles) hypnotherapy, guided imagery, shamanic healing, sacred geometry energy field clearing, and chakra balancing

– Creator of Ascension Merkaba sacred geometry tools to raise the vibration of homes and people, and clear the human energy field and chakras

Creator of Metaphysical YouTube videos on a wide variety of topics. Specialties: ascension awakening, galactic connections, earth healing ascension portals and vortexes


To see my Youtube Channel Videos click here: Wellness-Energetics