Metaphysical Videos

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Metaphysical Videos:



Ascension 3D – 4D – 5D: Awaken Now!  – Detailed summary of 3D-4D-5D ascension steps.




The Light Body Energy Field Explained – Learn about the Light Body awakening process.





Origin Story and Life Purpose –  Remembering the beginning existence of Home and life purpose.




Connect With Nature Spirits and Sacred Sites – Part 1 of 3: Learn steps and protocols to connect.





Connect With Nature Spirits Meditation – Part 2 of 3




Paradigm Busting ‘Lightworker vs Lightwalker’ – Ascension energies bring in a new spiritual mission, title, and purpose.




Pardigm Busting ‘New Ascension Chakra System’ – Learn about a new 5D chakra system.





Paradigm Busting ET Contact Now!  – We can connect with them now because of ascension energies.




Pardigm Busting Heart vs High Heart Balance Point – Ascension new balance point is the High Heart.




Pardigm Busting New Ascension Labyrinth Energy – Learn about a new way to experience a labyrinth.





Pardigm Busting Archangel Michael vs Lucifer – A true story reminder of a spiritual consciousness lesson.