Wisdom Teachings

  • The old paradigms are shifting into new updated ascension paradigms
  • Traditional science is waking up to the fact that scientific principles are in alignment with ancient metaphysical teachings
  • 2019 is an accelerated year of global shift into 5D ascension consciousness
  • Practice being in the now moment of living in alignment with divine energies
  • Activating your lightbody is a way to accelerate into 5D energies
  • Practice knowing that you can shift from the old paradigm of being a ‘Lightworker’, into being a  ‘Lightwalker’ (a being of light which holds and walks in their high vibration of light and energy).

Galactic Earth Healing

  • Being with nature and the understanding that everything has a living essence is vital to connecting with the oneness of earth humanity and our galactic relatives
  • You do not have to wait for metal UFOs to land in order to connect with galactic beings of light
  • Since every living thing is energy and light, you can connect with the higher dimensions of galactic beings now, through developing that intent and knowing
  • Galactic beings of light throughout existence are being affected by what humans do on the earth, as everything is connected
  • Old spiritual rituals, ceremonies and protocols can have their desired results manifested quicker, through the simplicity of holding a pure, focused intent
  • Maintaining an ‘energy sovereignty’ with yourself, opens up the connection with your higher divine wisdom, thus having less dependency upon others for guidance
  • Creating your own sacred space daily enhances your divine connection with your godself
  • Sacred space can be accomplished thru meditation, being in nature, exercise, yoga, listening to uplifting spiritual music, etc.
  • Holding a peaceful state of inner peace is key to connecting with 5D consciousness

Galactic Earth Healing Fundraising Project

  • Goal: To continue doing the spiritual Galactic Earth Healing services for the ascension awakening of the planet.
  • I am asking for your donations to assist in the special Galactic Earth Healing mission, by helping to cover travel expenses.
  • For your donations, there are ‘Promotional Incentives’ as ‘thank you’ gifts: Angelic Merkaba sacred geometry healing tools and classes, shamanic power animal retrieval, guided meditations, and professional home and land dowsing clearing. Contact me for donation incentive level details.
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