Merkaba Energetics

Merkaba Energetics 

  • Is a divinely inspired new energetic technique, which is an enhancement and complement to existing energy therapies (ie. Reiki, craniosacral etc.)
  • It is also beneficial for personal use, or as a professional energetic modality which can be added to alternative wellness therapies.
  • No previous energy training needed to take this class.
  • This protocol uses the quantum physics law of entrainment, Ascension Merkaba sacred geometry, divine energy and consciousness, and amplified intention for positive healing transformation.
  • This technique was previously called Merkaba Reiki

Student testimony after the class: “My energy level has increased.  My leg varicose veins faded substantially and an inflamed area has calmed.  I’ve been treating them with natural remedies but there’s definitely been an improvement since the class. I feel increased joy and elation.  My awareness of the universe and how I’m connected to it all has also increased.  I feel like I’m on a euphoric high but without drugs or stimulants! ”  by A in Tucson

Benefits of Merkaba Energetics

  • Benefits of this alternative wellness technique includes: an amplified feeling of well-being, balancing of the chakras and energy field (energetic tune-up), stress reduction, and increased inner peace.
  • Ascension Merkabas are powerful energetic tools which stimulate a positive energetic resonance with the human energy field, and can help balance the chakra system.
  • Because of the quantum physics Law of Entrainment, the client and practitioner can raise in energetic vibration when they are around an Ascension Merkaba.
  • They are also beneficial intention manifestation tools, when you imagine placing your desired intent inside an Ascension Merkaba.
  • Client feedback has shown that being in the energetic field of an Ascension Merkaba creates a peaceful state of well-being and reduced stress.
  • Science has proven that reduced stress helps boost the body’s natural restorative processes, plus reduce the potential for disease.

Merkaba Energetics Training

  • What is unique and powerful about this new therapeutic technique, is that it doubles the energetic intention power of the process, by including the client in the process. With traditional therapeutic techniques, the client is usually playing a more passive role in the process. With the Merkaba Energetics technique, the client is empowered into their process, by the forces of intention, focus and energetic processing. The addition of an Ascension Merkaba in the process, also takes a session to a whole new level of energetic power and effectiveness.
  • This new energetic technique can be done by trained energy therapy practitioners, as well as therapists or lay people who have not been trained in energy work. The Merkaba Energetics training includes being shown how to do a ‘Single Ascension Merkaba Technique’ and a ‘Double Ascension Merkaba Technique’. Students get to experience the energetic power of receiving and giving of the two different techniques. The class also includes an overview of sacred geometry, with students having the opportunity to ‘feel’ the high vibrational energetics of Ascension Merkabas.
  • Merkaba Energetics practitioners receive from 1 to 3 Ascension Merkabas as part of the package
  • The cost of this powerful energy therapy is reasonably priced. Compare this to other energy trainings who charge hundreds of dollars.
  • Testimony from a professional Reiki teacher who took this class: “I experienced a huge paradigm shift in the traditional therapeutic experience for both client and practitioner. This Merkaba Energetics technique takes a Reiki session to a whole new level of higher energetics for client and practitioner”.
  • If you want to ‘host’ me as a class teacher, you can attend the class for ‘free’, in exchange for help in setting up the class. Contact me for details.

Merkaba Energetics Testimony

Ascension Merkaba Chakra Study

  • Each participant took a ‘before’ reading of their chakra system with a BioWell energy scanning device, then experienced being in the energy field of Ascension Merkabas.
  • Then the participants did an ‘after’ reading of their chakra system.
  • The diagrams below show the actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of this study.
  • This demonstrates that when a person experiences the high vibration energy field that an  Ascension Merkaba produces, positive changes, such as aligning of their chakras occurs.