Angelic Merkaba

Ascension Merkaba – An Energetic Tool for Enlightenment and Positive Transformation

MER – Light

KA – Spirit

BA- Body

“Sacred geometry is an ancient science which uses various geometric shapes to produce an energetic field. This field can affect and enhance the energetic field of a person, opening them up to positive states of greater overall well-being and transformation. When we carry a higher vibrational field of energy, we are more receptive to creating and being our highest divine potential.”   – Deb Starwalker

Ascension Merkaba (previously called Angelic Merkaba)

  • The Ascension Merkaba is Star Octahedron Sacred Geometry, which is uniquely designed with 3 and 4 sided pyramid configuration.
  • Ascension Merkaba sacred geometry is ‘different in geometric structure and purpose’ than traditional ‘merkabas’.
  • This sacred geometry configuration is an ancient technology tool which has been spiritually guided to be brought back to humanity at this time to assist with the Ascension of Mother Earth and humanity into balance and oneness.
  • They are gifts from the higher spiritual realms. They are energetic tools for enlightenment, as a link between spirit and matter.
  • The Ascension Merkaba is a positive transformation tool which is based upon the scientific concept of quantum physics entrainment. The human body is basically a condensed collection of energetic particles. The Ascension Merkaba sacred geometry creates a high vibrational energetic field. The human body can ‘entrain’ itself to match to this higher energetic field, which creates an amplified vibrational space potential for positive transformation.
  • The Ascension Merkaba uses the same principle as that of an electrical generator. Instead of spinning wrapped copper wire, it uses gold and silver wiring held in an equidistant geometric shape (called a star octahedron), which generates an energetic field when spun. When placed near the human body, it positively affects the body’s energy field and chakra system.
  • The energy field of the Ascenson Merkaba can be amplified by spinning it clockwise (when looking from the top downward), utilizing vortex scalar technology.
  • They are unique ‘intelligent energy devices’, which are able to be communicated with telepathically, as they work off of ‘intent’ and ‘love’.

Benefits and Uses of an Ascension Merkaba

  • Ascension Merkabas can be used for accelerating spiritual consciousness awakening, and as positive tools for transformation.
  • They raise the vibrational frequency of a space or a person.
  • Because of the quantum physics ‘law of entrainment’, the space or person automatically raises up in frequency to the vibrational level of the Ascension Merkaba.
  • They assist with helping a person to connect with angels and divine beings of light for spiritual assistance.
  • Hang the Ascension Merkaba ‘over’ food or water to bless it, because the Ascension Merkaba can raise the frequency of whatever is placed underneath it.
  • You can hang a spinning Ascension Merkaba in the center of your home or over your bed to receive the positive energetic vibrations that it produces.
  • Ascenison Merkabas energetically clear the air in the space where it is hanging. People who see and feel energy, can definitely see and feel a positive shift in the energy in the room.
  • Whatever you place inside the Ascension Merkaba, the energetic signature of that object will permeate out into the air and space. For example, if you place a picture of Jeshua inside the Ascension Merkaba, you can feel the positive love vibration of Jeshua around you.
  • Hang it from your rear view mirror to create an enhanced energetic cocoon of safety around your vehicle
  • Ascension Merkabas can be used as powerful ‘intention manifestation’ tools, by visualizing your desire inside the center of an Ascension Merkaba.

  Ascension Merkabas are used in ‘Merkaba Dowsing’

  • They can be used as powerful dowsing tools to clear negative energies and raise the energetic vibrational level of homes and land.
  • They create sacred space, plus bring in ‘positive vibrations’ into a space after it has been cleaned
  • They complement and enhance other dowsing protocols, or they can be used as a stand-alone powerful dowsing and space clearing device.
  • They are beneficial to the energy grid of Mother Earth.
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Ascension Merkabas are used in ‘Merkaba Energetics’

  • Merkaba Energetics (previously called Merkaba Reiki) is a divinely inspired new energetic technique, which is an enhancement and complement to existing energy therapies.
  • Energy therapy can be used for stress reduction and relaxation, which uses spiritually-guided life force energy for creating a state of peace and well-being for the client.
  • Ascension Merkabas are powerful energetic tools which stimulate a positive energetic resonance with the human energy field.
  • They are beneficial intention manifestation tools, when you imagine placing your desired intent (or Reiki symbol) inside an Ascension Merkaba.
  • Client feedback has shown that being in the energetic field of an Ascension Merkaba creates a peaceful state of well-being and reduced stress.
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Ascension Merkabas were used in the Merkaba Light Table (which is no longer available)

  • Ascension Merkabas were part of the Merkaba Light Table.
  • The Merkaba Light Table created an amplified energetic field for the practitioner to work in.
  • The sessions were also used for long distance energy work.
  • Hanging a spinning Ascension Merkaba over a surrogate representation of a person or animal, transferred beneficial energies through the surrogate to the receiver.
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Scientific Chakra Study of  Ascension Merkabas

  • This scientific study was conducted to document what changes can be made to the human chakra energy field, after being in the energy field of an Ascension Merkaba.
  • Each participant took a ‘before’ reading of their chakra system with a BioWell energy scanning device, then being in the energy field of Ascension Merkabas.
  • Then the participants did an ‘after’ reading of their chakra system.
  • The diagrams below show the actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ results of this study.
  • This demonstrates that when a person experiences Ascension Merkaba high vibration energies, positive changes, such as aligning of their chakras occurs.

 8 Foot Ascension Merkaba

  • This powerful Ascension Merkaba helps with awakening spiritual ascension consciousness.
  • When a person stands inside this Ascension Merkaba, they experience being in a “zero point” energy filed
  • This energy field helps to create an experience of remembering yourself as a divine being of light
  • “Ascension Merkabas Capture And Dissipate Sequenced Energy. They Offer Physical Beings An Embryonic Connection To The Angelic Realm. Magnetized Light Beams Are Super Imposed Within The Physical Structure Of The Merkaba. Light, Sound And Energy Activate The Frequencies Encoded In Each Merkaba, Thus Opening Pathways To The Divine. Physical Merkabas Are Patterned Expressions Of All Etheric Energy. Merkabas Expand And Strengthen The Energy Grid Of Mother Earth, And Play A Role In Divine Unity.”– Channeled message by the ancient Peruvian sisterhood of Yicovia

Ascension Merkaba Caduseous Coil

  • In 2010, I received spiritual guidance to create a Caduseous Coil (a center tube that goes inside the Ascension Merkaba with special spiraling energetic pattern of wiring around the tube).
  • This was an enhancement to the original Ascension Merkaba design and energetic results.
  • This geometric addition represents the energies of spiritual awakening.
  • It is a sacred geometry visual representation of:
  • The energetic merkaba field that surrounds us.
  • The center column represents our Light Body Tube along our spinal column that connects the heavens (the Sun), through us, into Mother Earth.
  • The spiraling energies of the gold and silver wire around the center column represents the divine energies that continually flow downward from Heaven and upward from Mother Earth through us.
  • These spiraling energies of gold and silver also represent the coming together of the polarities of duality into Oneness, and the merging of the feminine and masculine energies into Balance.
  • These spiraling energies also represent the acceleration of our DNA spiral of energy.
  • The spiraling energies that are created by this configuration are tapping into the quantum mechanics realm of energies to help us make powerful spiritual connections to the divine, at this important time of Ascension activation.
  • There are ‘9’ spiraling intertwined energies that are created, which also is the number of Completion.
  • By being around the energy field of the Ascension Merkaba, a person is able to raise their spiritual vibration higher and tap into the Ascension energies.

Ascension Merkabas by Deb Peterson


‘ I Have Used The Ascension Merkaba To Manifest My Intents. I Programmed It To Have No Jet Lag When I Went From The USA To India, And It Worked. During The Andrew Hurricane, I Programmed My Ascension Merkaba To Maintain Power In My Florida Home, An For The First Time In Going Thru 24 Years Of Major Storms, My Home Maintained Power’  –  Darlis

‘For Decades Now, I Normally Only Got 4 Hours Of Sleep A Night. Last Night I Programmed My Ascension Merkaba For Deep Deep Sleep, And I Slept For 7 Hours!’  – Maurah

“My Ascension Merkaba arrived just a short time ago and it is just beautiful!   I sat outside with it for a few minutes holding it during a meditation and it is very powerful.  I’m not as sensitive as a lot of people but I could certainly feel my chakras charging and realigning.  I’ve also had a bit of a dull headache for a few days (which I don’t usually have) and that has lifted without my even asking when working with it.  I love it!   Thanks so much for taking the time and care in putting this together.  It’s very special!” – Linda

Deb Peterson CCC Interview by Darlis Mayes 

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