Learn About Angelic Merkabas

Energetic Tools for Enlightenment and Positive Transformation

“Sacred geometry is an ancient science which uses various geometric shapes to produce an energetic field. This field can affect and enhance the energetic field of a person, opening them up to positive states of greater overall well-being and transformation. When we carry a higher vibrational field of energy, we are more receptive to creating and b eing our highest divine potential.”  – Deb Peterson

Benefits of These Sacred Geometry Energetic Accelerators

  • Increases Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Stimulates a Positive Energetic Resonance with the Human Energy Field, raising your energy vibration
  • Accelerates Higher Consciousness Awakening and Personal Transformation
  • Amplifies the Intention and Manifestation Process
  • Clears and Balances the Chakras and Energy Field (Energetic Tune Up)
  • Boosts the Body’s Natural Restorative Processes
  • Enhances the Meditation Experience
  • Clears and Creates Sacred Space
  • Carry into Nature for Amplified Energetic connect with Mother Earth
  • Conveniently Portable Dowsing Tool to Clear Homes and Land
  • Water and Food can be Energetically Enhanced when placed under an Angelic Merkaba
  • Creates a Peaceful state of Well-Being (Stress Reduction)
  • The Energy Field of the Angelic Merkaba can be Amplified by Spinning it Clockwise (vortex scalar technology)

How does an Angelic Merkaba Work?

  • Its construction is complex stellated Star Octahedron Sacred Geometry
  • Its energetic results is based upon Quantum Entrainment: a person’s vibration raises up to the high vibrational level of the Angelic Merkaba
  • It uses Vortex Technology: spinning a Merkaba amplifies the vibrational potential
  • They are divinely inspired creations that are unique Intelligent Energy Devices
  • They are programmed to assist in their owners spiritual evolution.

Angelic Merkaba Characteristics and Materials 

  • Bone, Gemstone or Stone material: are more ‘Grounding, Physical’
  • Gemstones: have the characteristics of that gemstone or its chakra color
  • Complex ones made with a clear plastic structure (Selenite Wands, Caduceus Coil, or Fractal Geometry): are ‘Higher Consciousness Spiritual Accelerators’
  • Gemstone Angelic Merkabas are approximately 4 to 5 inches wide (depending upon gemstone used)
  • Clear Angelic Merkabas are approximately 9 inches wide
  • Small bone Angelic Merkabas are approximately 3.5 inches wide, and Medium bone Angelic Merkbas are approximately 4.5 inches wide

Scientific Chakra Study using Angelic Merkabas

  • Angelic Merkabas are part of the Merkaba Light Table (MLT)
  • This study demonstrates that Angelic Merkabas are able to positively affect the human energy field by balancing the chakra system  

Spinning an Angelic Merkaba Activates a Higher Vibrational Field of Energy

Want to Experience the Energy of an Angelic Merkaba?

  • Step 1: On the STORE page, pick out a picture of an Angelic Merkaba that you like the best and print a copy of it. If you cannot print the picture, then look at the picture, noticing its sacred geometry shape.
  • Step 2: While looking at the picture of the Angelic Merkaba, listen to the 4:30 minute audio below, which is an Introduction to what Angelic Merkabas are, and their uses and benefits.
  • Step 3. Meditate to the 10 minute guided imagery audio recording below, while having the Angelic Merkaba picture you printed out placed on your body, preferably near your heart center. If you could not print out a picture, then connect with the picture on the screen, then close your eyes and continue to do the meditation. It is recommended that you lie down or set quietly, eyes closed and body relaxed. Do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery.

‘Have a Wonderful Merkaba Connection Experience!’   Blessings, Deb