Vision Dec. 12, 2021 – Gateway to Higher Oneness’
January 7, 2022
Vision – ‘Connecting with Native American Wisdom Keepers’
January 7, 2022

Dec. 2021 Vision – ‘The Watchers and Winds of Change’

For about 2 years, I have been visited by the Watchers (very high interdimensional beings of light who oversee earth’s consciousness evolution from the beginning time of humanity). This morning, they came in very strongly, as I merged with their energy and received the following:

I saw a dark pointy bubble envelope of incoming energy from space, coming to earth. The Watchers said it was the ‘Winds of Change’.

Then I saw the planet Mars. There was a circular white solid light energy being superimposed over Mars. Mars was being cleansed of the negative energies there. (It has been a stronghold of negative lower vibration energies and beings for a long time).

Then I saw blocks of solidified colors (red, light blue, dark blue, purple, and white). I was told “the red represents the connection with Mother Earth, and the other higher 5D vibration colors are newer energies that are coming in to assist with the transmuting of the old 3D matrix energies into oneness energies of 5D light”.

Then an area of the Santa Rita mountains that holds strong galactic energy, was lit up with a vertical column of wavy silvery energy.  I was told “it is anchoring in stabilizing energy for this area. The column of light is being anchored here because of the Galactic Earth Ascension intention lightwork the group has been doing, which has prepared the Tucson/Green Valley area for this.”

Then my body became a solid column of white light, as Spirit said that it was important for humans to “really hold their light, to hold their light very strongly, as that is what we need to do now”.

“BE the light, HOLD the light, and BE the Change” !!!

I asked if the present 4th world was going to be destroyed. The Watchers said the earth is being ‘changed into a 5th world of light’. They let me feel what that 5th world is like. It is a world of beautiful radiant divine white/silvery light. It felt sooo good, loving, and peaceful. We have something amazing to look forward to!

Intention: focus your intention and energy upon the message the Watchers shared in the message above: ‘BE the light, HOLD the light, and BE the Change’!!!

As you ‘Be and Hold your light’, you are shifting earth and humanity because of the quantum physics law of entrainment. This is enabling you to positively help Mother Gaia shift from 3D to the new 5D energies, and from the 4th world to the 5th world.