Sacred Bear and Lake Titicaca Golden Solar Disc 7-4-21
August 1, 2021
Vision – ‘The Watchers and Winds of Change’
January 7, 2022

Channeled Message from divine Spirit (a collective of higher dimensional light beings, whose main directive is to help guide Mother Earth in consciousness ascension awakening) and Mother Gaia about 12-12-2021 I received:

“12-12 brings a frequency of ‘change’ that focuses upon new relationships. This new relationship is with Mother Gaia and higher consciousness beings of light.

This connection is with all living things, above and below. This relationship deals with the invisible, the things of light and energy, and the infinite in all of reality.

We are bringing you a message of hope, of light, and of inclusive oneness with all that is, in a new spiritual paradigm of being.

This is but one step along the divine pathway that we all are traversing, a path of never-ending evolution and connection with our divine self, our spiritual destiny, and Source.

The intention is to bring forth a unity consciousness with all beings of light. This includes all living essences on Mother Gaia and in all universal realms. This unification includes earth and the galactic beings of light which are our star families.

We are asking for this unification at this potent time in our current reality. This reality is one of ‘change’ and of embracing of a new paradigm that we can exist in a state of higher consciousness and oneness IF we desire it.

The energies are open for the incoming of and receiving of these newer energy vibrations, IF we allow them to merge with our energy fields, and most importantly, to merge into our higher divine consciousness.”

YouTube Video I created on my channel called ‘wellness-energetics‘: ‘Gateway to Higher Oneness Meditation’: