Pleiades Galactic Sacred Triad Activation 7-25-21
August 1, 2021
Vision Dec. 12, 2021 – Gateway to Higher Oneness’
January 7, 2022

Here is my vision when I asked Gaia what she wanted for the July 4th Galactic Earth Ascension group intent and lightwork to be. After the vision experience, I realized that now is a significant time for this huge upgrade of enlightened energies to be awakened for Gaia’s ascension light grid:

“I was energetically taken to the indigenous sacred site by Mt Hopkins in Green Valley which I went to with others on June 3rd . As I connected with the spirit elders I had met there before, they said to ‘feel’ what the energy of this sacred site was like. I tuned into this indigenous sacred site energy. It felt like quiet spiritual inner strength, which was at peace and connected to the Creator’s light.

The native spirit elder said that this energy is what the indigenous peoples have done for eons, which is hold the vibrational light of Gaia. These sacred sites hold the energy vibration of Oneness with Nature, and the true spirit of Gaia in wholeness with all that is.

As I was ‘holding Gaia’s light vibration’, I was taken to many ancient indigenous sacred sites around the world, all of which were holding this same ‘energy frequency vibration’. Interestingly, most of these sacred sites are what our Galactic Earth Ascension group has already connected with, which I thought was great validation for the lightwork we are doing!

Some of these sites were: the Tucson/Green Valley 6 ascension portals area, the Mayan Uxmal temple in Yucatan Mexico, Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Mt Kailash in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, and ancient mound sites in the Midwest USA (Cahokia mound in Illinois, Pharr Mounds in Mississippi, and Serpent Mound in Ohio). At Serpent Mound (a shamanic training site) there was vertical grounding energy connecting deep into Mother Earth.

Then I was taken to powerful Ayers Rock / Uluru in Australia, where I was told it is the big ‘Galactic Connector’. It holds a connection from Gaia to all galactic realms. No wander in some of our group intention experiences, people report going to Uluru, saying it is one of the most powerful portals in the grid system.


Then back to the Green Valley indigenous sacred site. The native spirit elder asked me to now ‘feel’ another spirit that was at these sacred sites, which felt like shamanic power animal Bear energy. This energy had the qualities of strong inner strength and power, with great spiritual wisdom.

I merged with Bear energy, feeling a oneness of spirit with it, also remembering that I have felt this energy at many sacred sites before in my life. I understood why the native spirit elder asked me to merge with Bear energy. I (and each of us) can ‘merge and hold this powerful spiritual vibration’ when we do our lightwork to amplify earth healing energies for Gaia. This experience validated what I have previously been told by various galactic and earth-based beings of light.

Then I was taken to Lake Titicaca, the largest freshwater lake in South American and the highest world lake, situated between Peru and Bolivia. It is very sacred to the local indigenous culture there. I have never been to it in this current incarnation, but I have had glimpses of past lives there.

I energetically went into the lake and connected with an ancient Solar Disc. It rose out of the water and energetically activated into a higher interdimensional light portal which connected many galactic dimensions. It was like peering into a huge ‘dimensional stargate’ of pure light and energy, with swirling light blue and white colored energies. It was awakening as a new portal of ascension.

I was allowed to feel this stargate light, so that I could know its vibration and carry this frequency in my light body. I imagined this light blue and white energy going out horizontally around the world, connecting all sacred ascension portal sites, bathing them in this new higher dimensional frequency of light.”

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Note: Here is what I found on the internet ‘after’ I had this spiritual experience:

Sources say there are many solar discs around the world. They hold very high vibration, divine energy which is aligned thru the great central sun. They are in the etheric, holding energy coding’s of higher dimensional frequency. Some say they are of extraterrestrial origin. They are connected through tunnels of light in earth’s light grid, and through a solar grid. (Years ago, galactic beings of light told me that earth was being reactivated to the ‘galactic grid’.)

Some of those locations coincide with the world portal locations our group has worked with: Uluru Australia, Giza Egypt, Roslyn Chapel Scotland, the Himalayas, and Lake Titicaca.

The Golden Solar Disk of Lemuria Mu was a symbol of enlightenment and ascension.  It was like a cosmic computer, receiving light information directly from Universal Mind Source. It held the blueprint of the New Earth, allowing for expansion of earth’s dimensional field into a higher crystalline aspect. It was attuned to various stars, like the Pleiades, Sirius, and Arcturus.

During the last days of Atlantis, the disc was taken away from Mu by the Priest of Mu called Ah-Ma-Ru and moved to the waters of Lake Titicaca. The disc will remain at Lake Titicaca until the day when humans are spiritually ready to receive it and to use it once gain.

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