Orion Galactic Sacred Triad Activation 7-15-21
August 1, 2021
Sacred Bear and Lake Titicaca Golden Solar Disc 7-4-21
August 1, 2021

I received this vision about the upcoming intention for my Galactic Earth Ascension group to focus upon for July 25, 21.

I saw three new sacred sites which created a galactic ascension triad. They were Mt Taranaki in New Zealand, Uluru-Ayers Rock in Australia, and the Pleiades star cluster. They are the energetic counterpart and ascension balance points for galactic interfacing of incoming ascension energies from last week’s sacred triad of Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Fuji, and Rigel in the Orion constellation.

I was told that Mt Fuji and Mt Taranaki are holding similar higher dimensional energies, as well as looking remarkably similar. Mt Kilimanjaro and Uluru-Ayers Rock are holding similar primordial grounding earth energies, as well as having a similar rectangular shape. Rigel, in the Orion constellation and the Pleiades star cluster, have held spiritual significance throughout earth history in many ancient civilizations. They are both infusing galactic 5D ascension energy into Gaia.

The energy flow between these new sacred site locations was a little different than in last week’s sacred triad connections. There is an energy line starting at Mt Taranaki, going to Uluru-Ayers Rock, then going into space to the Pleiades.

Note: In the GEA intent for July 4th, Spirit say that Uluru-Ayers Rock is the big ‘Galactic Connector’, because it holds a connection from Gaia to all galactic realms. That’s why the ascension energy line from the Pleiades went down into Uluru-Ayers Rock instead of to Mt Taranaki.

I saw an energy line connecting Mt Fuji to Mt Taranaki. That line was the connection between the two sacred triads. These two galactic ascension sacred triads are holding balanced energies of ‘divine consciousness light codings’ for Mother Earth.

Note: In 2016, while doing earth grid lightwork at Mt Shasta, Mt Fuji and Mt Taranaki played an energetic part in that lightwork. I am noticing a synchronicity of complex connections between sacred mountains and sacred sites around the world, because of the acceleration of ascension energies.

Spirit said the triad sacred geometry creates a continuous energy flow around all 3 parts of the triad. The energy flow can go either way, clockwise or counterclockwise, as it is still ‘flowing’.

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Information about Mt Taranaki, Uluru, and the Pleiades

  Mount Taranaki is New Zealand’s most perfectly formed dormant stratovolcano on the west coast of the North Island.   Because of its resemblance to Mount Fuji, Mt Taranaki provided the backdrop for the 2003 film ‘The Last Samurai’.                     Mt Taranaki is a spiritually important landmark for the Māori, and the name means ‘Gliding Peak’.

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Uluru / Ayers Rock is the world’s largest single rock monolith. It started forming around 550 million years ago. It is in the Northern Territory of Australia and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It resembles a ‘land iceberg’, with most of its mass underground.

Uluru is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area, known as the Anangu. The area is home to springs, waterholes, rock caves and ancient petroglyph paintings, which tell the story of how the world was created. Each feature of the rock has meaning in ‘Tjukurpa’ or Dreamtime. Some Aboriginal legends claim they originated from the Pleiades, and that Uluru also came from the Pleiades.

An Aboriginal elders’ Uluru prophecy states that crystals were placed in Uluru rock by the Pleiadeans.  These crystals were said to be activated on Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2020, to assist in raising the vibration of Earth. Note: We did a Metaphysical Group zoom for the winter solstice 2020, and some people had an unexpected experience of energetically going to Uluru!

      The Star Dreaming story of the Seven Sisters is an ancient Aboriginal story. The story tells of the journey of the seven sisters, which make up the star cluster of the Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus. Every night the Seven Sisters run away from Jampijinpa man, who follows them across the sky. He travels in the form of a star in the Orion’s Belt star cluster.

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            The Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters, is an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars in the north-west of the constellation Taurus. It is among the star clusters nearest to Earth, and is most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky. The cluster is dominated by hot blue and luminous stars.  It is a reflection nebula, caused by dust reflecting the blue light of the hot, young stars.

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