Mt. Shasta Energetic Transformation
May 5, 2016
Home Merkaba Dowsing
December 10, 2016

Deb at Stonehenge

I was intuitively guided to go with a spiritual group to southern England. A month before the trip, I energetically teleported to England, and was shown what I was to do: clear and heal ancient sacred sites, re-energize ley lines, clear London of old war vibrations, connect with Merlin, and connect with St Michaels Mount.

At our group’s private time at Stonehenge, I was able to see the energy line structure under Stonehenge, noticing weak and negative lines there. I was lead to do ceremony by walking in certain energy patterns around the site, and then was told to stand by one stone. Instantly I became the conduit for interdimensional, galactic energies from the blue star Rigel, the brightest star in the Orion constellation. This process of being a galactic conduit for higher energies was my main spiritual earth mission, and it always felt wonderful and powerful as the energies coursed thru my body into the earth. I later was told by two sources, that Rigel was the most powerful, galactic source for ascension energies for Mother Earth at this time!

The group went to many sacred sites, such as Avebury, Glastonbury Tor, the Abbey in Glastonbury, Hurlers Stone Circles, St. Michael Mount and others. At each of the sites, I did my usual protocol of tuning into the spirit of the land and to Spirit, asking how I could best serve this location to assist in what energetic help it could use. I then listened and followed what I was directed to do. I now call this:  ‘Galactic Dowsing’. For more information go to the MERKABA DOWSING page.

At the Hurlers Stone Circle, it was like being with my galactic home energies, as I am a walk-in from an existence as a ‘cousin of the Pleiades’. This sacred site felt so familiar, as it was an interdimensional galactic portal. I was lead to two upright stones that were creating a portal, as I could see and feel those energies. It felt so comforting. I could see that site as having an etheric galactic city of light there. This was one of my favorite sites on the tour.

At St. Michael Mount, I helped anchor in new ley lines at the already powerful connection of the three major ley lines that were there. Inside the church area in the castle, I was directed to a statue of Archangel Michael and Lucifer. It radiated one of the powerful energies I have ever felt from a statue. As I was energetically connecting to it, I saw and felt Archangel Michael appear two feet from me. He asked me if I wanted to re-dedicate myself to his spiritual work. With tears in my eyes, my heart said ‘of course I re-dedicate myself to this spiritual work’!

As the tour ended, we went back to London to await a flight home. In order to fulfill my directive of helping to heal the war energetic wounds of London, I had gotten a map out of the area. Using a special Map Dowsing method I learned by tapping into my own sensitive energy hand energies, I dowsed where the most negative war energies were in London, then created a vortex of higher angelic energies to do the clearing work. I also had one of my Angelic Merkabas spinning in the room to assist in the clearing process. In the morning, the negative energies locations on the map had been cleared.  My spiritual adventure to England was complete.

I have found that Angelic Merkabas are very powerful instruments for dowsing clearing of land and homes. To read more about this ‘new dowsing tool for the world’, go to the MERKABA DOWSING page.