England Galactic Dowsing
July 31, 2016
Earth Ascension Vision
January 19, 2018


I was asked to energetically clear a house in Santa Barbara, CA of a person that seemed to have a bit of bad luck happening in her life. Sometimes negative or unhealthy energies in a home can adversely affect the people living there, and clearly of those unhealthy energies can create a space of increased health and energetically being in a flow of positive energies.

As per the new Merkaba Dowsing protocol I created, I telepathically asked my Angelic Merkaba to start to clear and create sacred space at the start of the clearing protocol. I started to clear and seal the house perimeter first, then moved into the inside to continue the energetic clearing.

Once inside, I proceeded to go thru each room, noticing what needed to be cleared and worked with. The first negative influence was a picture of a young ladies face. It was an open portal that was allowing not so nice energy to flood into the house. I communicated with the spirit in the picture and told it that it had to be shut down and have the open portal closed.

The next interference object was a narrow column of light, which looked like long, thin selenite in form, with half of it being black and half white. I asked to be shown what to do, and was told to energetically turn the column around 180 degrees, so that it created a pure column of white light, and it was ok that it now stay in the house. How appropriate, as it was right beside the house owners bed.

The third interference was a roundish black mass in a bedroom which was low vibration dark energy. I tuned into it and commanded it to be transmuted by the light and be gone from this house.

Those were the 3 energetic intrusions that were in the house. I finished going thru each room and returned to where I started, which was close to the negative picture with the face. It was time to do the last protocol, which captures all the negative energies and sends and transmutes them into the light. At the instant that last protocol was done, the energy of the picture changed immediately, with me seeing a clear barrier over the picture, closing the portal and removing the negative energy. Interestingly, the girls face instantly softened and almost looked like she was now smiling. The pictures energy field was now clear.

These home and land clearings are amazing to do, as they are always different, showing me various types of energetic things to deal with. And it is so great to see and feel the instant results when the final step in the protocol clears the home. I love this work.

Below is the feedback from the person who asked me to clear the house (great confirmation of what energetically transpired):

‘ I asked Deb to come and clear the home of a dear friend. I was “told” in a dream that my friend’s home needed an immediate spiritual cleaning. I went with her to assist and witness. The change to the house, and the painting with the portal in particular, was quite dramatic! The facial expression of the gal in the painting even changed!

 What a honor to witness this oh so very important (and essential) work! Of particular interest – I did not share the specifics of my dream with Debbie. I received glorious confirmation when she found the exact same three areas that were in my dream! ‘ – Tonya