Archangel Michael and Lucifer’s New Understanding
July 27, 2019
Orion Galactic Sacred Triad Activation 7-15-21
August 1, 2021

I was going to go for a walk, but my spiritual guidance/intuition said no, stay inside and get ready to receive a new vision. I have learned to listen to these not-so-subtle messages from Spirit, as they prove to be great spiritual experiences and teachings.

I felt Egyptian energies come into the room. I saw/felt a golden solar disc above my head. My body started shifting into a male form. I saw Anubis presiding over the transformation of another spirit filling my body. I saw Sobek the crocodile god, Isis, and Thoth in the background.

Osiris with Crook and Flail

Then my body merged with the Egyptian god Osiris, whom I had never connected with before. He had very strong, powerful energy. I kept hearing the words over and over ‘crook and flail’. Later, when I was researching Osiris, I saw that he was depicted with holding a Crook and Flail. This confirmed that I was having a real energetic experience with Osiris! I also later realized that I had to have the ‘strength of Osiris’, to help with the energetic transformations which happened next.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I asked to be shown the Halls of Amenti. Then I saw a black pyramid capstone. It was like the capstone I saw in a vision in 2018. In that vision, I saw a black capstone with Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols on it. Later while searching online, I found such an intact black pyramid capstone in the Cairo Museum. It had identical Egyptian symbols on it, like I saw in my vision. This jolted my memory of my spiritual journey to Egypt in 1994. I was really sick the night before our group was to go to the Cairo Museum. I was still sick the next day, so I stayed in the bus and never did get to go into the museum.

This basalt pyramidion is the capstone of the pyramid of Amenemhet II at Hawara. Now it is the Cairo Museum.

Today, I understand that I could not have handled being in the Cairo Museum in l994. It would have overwhelmed me, from recognizing objects from my past life in Egypt. In 1994, I was not spiritually or energetically prepared or capable of handling the powerful energies that were in the museum, many of which carried strong negative energies. It was not the right timing for me to see the black capstone that was in the museum. That is why Spirit made me so sick that I could not go inside.

Back to my vision. I then saw the black capstone being placed on top of a large glistening alabaster-like pure white light pyramid. This pyramid was then placed over the Cairo Museum. I saw multitudes of trapped ancient Egyptian spirit entities flying out of the museum. They had been imprisoned inside the objects in the museum for a very long time. They were now being released. As this releasement was happening, my body was vibrating with the intensity of the releasement of the trapped souls.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

St joseph’s Crypt

When that was finished, my spirit was taken to Glastonbury Abbey in England. I was in front of St Joseph’s crypt. My memory took me back to 2016, when Spirit asked me to go to England to do earth grid lightwork. When I was setting beside the crypt, I started to channel and have a vision. I saw a secret room behind the crypt wall, with a very old gold box in the room. Inside the box were ancient scrolls, some with Egyptian hieroglyphics and some with strange symbols. Those type of symbols have been interpreted as being of galactic extraterrestrial origin by many people who study such phenomena.

I had channeled that the box was holding ancient records of hidden human history from the beginning of earth time. It contained records of first humans who were interacting with various types of extraterrestrial beings from other galaxies. It was normal back then for humans to co-exist with these galactic beings. Today, I saw that the box was opened, and the scrolls were un-rolled. Spirit said that the ‘knowledge the scrolls held was now opened for all to know the truth’!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Then I saw the golden solar disc again. This time there was a ‘silver solar disc’ beside the ancient Egyptian golden solar disc. The silver disc represented the new galactic energies merging with the ancient golden solar disc. This meant that now is the time for humanity to once again be united with our galactic brothers and sisters, in oneness, like it used to be. This reinforced what I was shown months ago, that ascension is opening up humanity to fulfill its destiny to become ‘galactic humans’!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When that experience was complete, I asked Spirit for clarity on my earth mission. They said it was to keep ‘opening up the Corridors of Light’. There needs to be increased awakening of ‘receptivity portals’ to receive the incoming new ascension energies. That is the lightwork the Galactic Earth Ascension group is doing! We are on track with the divine timing for this ascension process.

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Update on August 1, 2021

I checked in with the Cairo Museum and the ancient scrolls at St Joseph’s crypt to see what was happening with them after the transformational lightwork on July 30, 2021.

The Cairo Museum had clear, peaceful energies now. The previous energetic clearing through the white pyramid had cleared ancient and galactic-based Egyptian timelines. That was necessary so that the ascension process, galactic connection energies, and divine wisdom can now move forward easier.

The ancient hidden galactic and Egyptian history scrolls, which are now opened, can be part of dissemination of that ancient knowledge and wisdom to free flow out to the world now.

I energetically looked at my Egyptian altar portal and saw an inverted white light pyramid over it. I felt my Egyptian spirit guides were pleased with what had happened. What a wild adventure.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Summary of These Transformations

This experience was a reinforcement of the lesson of everything in its own ‘divine timing’. I understand now that experiences from the past (past lives or from my current life timeline) have been preparing me for the energetic shifts that were destined to happen and culminate on July 30- 201. It is also a lesson in ‘patience’. Yes, the ‘P’ word!

And as you read this, please know that these lessons may also pertain to your life experiences. We are all going through these lessons, preparing us for our ascension of our soul into higher consciousness.

Regarding the massive energy clearing at the Cairo Museum, I understand now how important that clearing work was. It helped to clear the old timeline and re-direct energies into a new Egyptian timeline. This can now move forward, coming from a new place of spiritual purity and starting over.

This is like the opening of the scrolls of ancient hidden earth history, which is also galactic history. People have been mentioning this for years, and now the disclosure of this information can flow more easily to humanity. This will quicken humanities ‘re-connection to our galactic history and heritage’.

From when I first met Thoth in 1994 and later meeting Anubis, the reconnection with them was for the purpose of preparing me for the museum clearing. The clearing was something that has been needed for a long time. Part of understanding the importance of releasing Egyptian mummy trapped souls was evident in 2019, when Anubis and Thoth asked me to assist in clearing Egyptian mummies in Phoenix, AZ. You can read the story on my website Blog at:

The message from Spirit about clarity on the continuation of ‘opening up the Corridors of Light’ IS the Galactic Earth Ascension lightwork we have been doing since May 2021. Our intents have been to awaken, strengthen and connect earth portals and sacred locations around the world. The purpose has been to open ‘receptivity portals and gateways’ for the new incoming ascension energies. As Spirit said ‘we are on track with the divine timing for this ascension process’.

Blessings to you,    Deb Starwalker

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