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June 11, 2019
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July 24, 2019

A metaphysical world view can take into consideration bringing forth ancient energies into the present reality. When light workers are chosen to do present day spiritual work, it can entail working with ancient beings of light and archetypical gods from the past for guidance and protection.

On April 28, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, the past once again met the present, in an amazing spiritual adventure. The Arizona Science Center was having an exhibit called the Mummies of the World, which featured the largest collection of mummies ever assembled, with 40 real human and animal mummies from across the globe.

With many interesting coincidences lining up to support this trip, three light workers, Deb, Susan and Kathy, all felt intuitively guided to go to the Mummy Exhibit. Not knowing the reason for this calling, we decided to set out on a great adventure.

Background Setup for this Adventure by Deb

There were many factors which sparked my interest in going to see Egyptian mummies. It started December of 1994, when I went on one of the greatest spiritual journeys of my life to Egypt. I instantly knew that the Egyptian temples and pyramids felt familiar to me, and they telepathically connected with me. I remembered that I had lived here in a past lifetime in ancient Egypt. This understanding came after I remembered being a priest in Atlantis, and that one day that was mass confusion and destruction happening. The next thing I remembered, I awoke among Egyptian water reeds, and proceeded to experience lifetimes in ancient Egypt.


While on a metaphysical group tour to Egypt in l994, we went to the temple of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel. I wound up lingering behind the group and felt intuitively guided to walk into some side chambers that were off of the main inner hallway. When I entered the first chamber and stood before a life-size painting of the ibis-headed Egyptian god Thoth, I felt huge wages of energy come from that painting into me. I was directed to experience this energy flow again and again, as I went from one chamber to another. This was my first introduction to Thoth.


In Egyptian mythology, Thoth is a moon god. The Greeks identify him with Hermes. He is most often represented in human form with the head of an ibis. He has also been depicted as a baboon. He is associated with being the god of wisdom, magic, learning, justice, the inventor of writing, the development of science, the creator of languages, the scribe, interpreter, and adviser of the gods, the representative of the sun god Ra, and with presiding over the judgement of the dead.

Since that auspicious day at Abu Simbel, I have had many interactions with Thoth. He has appeared numerous times in the room in my meditation room, where I had my powerful 8 foot tall Angelic Merkaba set up. He appeared as an Ibis-headed being, but also in human form. He told me that I had been a student of his in ancient Egypt.


Anubis, as one of the oldest gods of Egypt, is depicted as being a canine, or a jackal-headed being. He is black, a color which symbolized regeneration, life, and the soil of the Nile River. He is the god of embalming, the dead and the ushering of souls into the afterlife. He watched over the process of mummifying people, and priests often wore a mask of Anubis during mummification ceremonies. He was the guardian of the scales, presiding over the weighing scale during the Weighing of the Heart, in which it was determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead or not.

I was first introduced to Anubis when I had a past life remembrance of being a temple priestess in ancient Egypt. I remembered seeing myself beside a tall stone slab, with the body of my deceased mate lying on the stone. (That deceased Egyptian husband was a soul mate in my current lifetime). In my remembrance, a tall black jackal-headed Anubis was on the other side of the stone slab, and he was teaching me how to properly care for my dead husband’s body. I did not find out till later, that Anubis was the god of mummification.


My Connection with Thoth and Anubis Grows

On April 5, 2019 I decided to go to a new metaphysical class I had never been to before. I picked a location to set in the classroom which was in the corner, as sometimes being shy in new groups, I can be a little nervous. The corner felt a safer place to be, because being a sensitive empath, I can pick up on other people’s energies easily. As the class proceeded and we were given tasks to do, I noticed that I was drifting off into a meditative state.

When asked to draw or write out something, I drew elaborate sacred geometry patterns on the paper. Then unexpectedly, my old Egyptian friends Thoth and Anubis appeared beside me. Anubis stepped in front of me and implanted the same sacred geometry symbols which I had drawn earlier, into my light body energy field. I was indeed honored by the experience, but wandered why it happened.

Later, I understood that Anubis and Thoth were energetically preparing me for the light work that would be done at the Mummy Exhibit. This would be a continuation of our past and present life connections, as they had been important spiritual guides and teachers in ancient Egypt, and now again in the modern desert land of Phoenix, Arizona.


Egyptian Mummification

Egyptians saw the preservation of the body after death as an important step to living well in the afterlife. As Egypt became more prosperous, burial practices became a status symbol for the elite, and more sophisticated methods of embalming were developed. The ancient Egyptian burial process evolved over time, with the preparation of the body, magic rituals, and grave goods as essential parts of a proper Egyptian funeral.

The Weighing of the Heart ceremony from the book of the dead of Hunefer (c. 1275 BCE), showed Hunefers heart being weighed on the scale of Maat against the feather of truth, by Anubis. Thoth recorded the result. If the heart equaled exactly the weight of the feather, Hunefer was allowed to pass into the afterlife. If not, he was eaten by the waiting creature Ammit, composed of the deadly crocodile, lion, and hippopotamus.


The Mummy Exhibit

There is an amazing park in Phoenix, Arizona called Papago Park. I believe this place is a special inter-dimensional time/space portal which is associated with ancient Egyptian energy. When I have been there, it felt like was back in Egypt.

With that understanding, Susan, Kathy and I decided to go to Papago Park to immerse ourselves in those energies. After preparing ourselves energetically at Papago Park, we went to the Mummy Exhibit. Our intention was to be of service as light workers, with no preconceived ideas about what would happen or as to the outcome. With a sense of the unknown and also exhilaration that this would be something important, we were guided by the two powerful Egyptian gods, Anubis and Thoth. We were just showing up with an open heart to their divine guidance.

From being a ghostbuster for many years, I had developed a certain protocol to release trapped spirits. I would telepathically talk with the spirit, asking it if it missed its loved ones, and if it felt lost and alone. If I telepathically heard a yes from them, then I told them that they could go onto the afterlife to be with their loved ones if they wanted. All they had to do was to follow the light into the afterlife, or heaven  I also asked that either their deceased loved ones could come to assist them to the other side, or I asked divine angels to create a Stairway to Heaven. This was a pillar of white light which the spirits could travel through onto the other side. Most trapped spirits quickly and easily made this transition. In all my years of ghostbusting, only a very small number of trapped spirits had decided to stay with their deceased bodies.

The first mummy sarcophagus was of an Egyptian royal female. As we looked at it, we felt that the spirit of the mummy was still there. We asked if we should help release that trapped spirit, and was told yes. The other ladies did their own process of assisting with the various mummies releasements. The spirit of the Egyptian female went quickly and easily to the afterlife. With the guidance of Anubis and Thoth, we helped other trapped spirits in the exhibit to cross over to the afterlife into love and peace. Whole and partial body parts of the mummies seemed to have a residual essence of the former life.

Horus the Falcon-Headed Egyptian god

The most exciting experience of helping a mummy spirit cross over was at a very ornate sarcophagus of a high ranking Egyptian male. When I asked for spiritual guidance as to what this spirit needed to help it cross, to my surprise, the Egyptian god Horus appeared on the other side of the sarcophagus. I saw Horus take the spirit of the man in his arms, turn and fly away into the ethers. Then I read the words on the plaque beside this sarcophagus. It basically said that this high ranking Egyptian male was a follower of Horus – wow!

That was an awesome confirmation of the whole spirit releasement process, and to the amazing connection with these ancient Egyptian gods we were having in modern day 2019.  It was such an honor to of been of service to the trapped spirits. When we finished going thru the exhibit, all of us ladies felt very grateful to of had this monumental experience. We celebrated by staying at a nice hotel and enjoying our dreamtime as we relished in the memories of the day.

The next morning, we started asking ourselves about why it seemed that the mummification process was one that seemed to not be good for the souls of the deceased. Higher guidance said that it was because the understanding of the death process and the afterlife was subverted and tainted by people that were not of the light long ago. Some of these beings were from the fall of Atlantis. They had perverted the whole spiritual reality of the process, knowing that it was trapping spirits in their bodies.

Anubis and Thoth said that what we had done at the Mummy Exhibit was an experiment which had not ever been done before. They were pleased with what had transpired.

In love, light and gratitude to Anubis, Thoth and Horus for such a special spiritual adventure!