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June 14, 2019
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Yes, Kachinas are Real!

Some of this writing is from the blog post titled: ‘Chaco Canyon Summer Solstice in June of 2018’.

I was called by Spirit to go to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico for the 2018 Summer Solstice. When doing earth grid lightwork, I have learned to trust in Spirit to guide the journey. A week before the trip, I was shown a map of the larger southwest USA, and Chaco Canyon was a bright white light ball of light. I knew that this summer solstice was very important for earth’s ascension, and that Chaco Canyon held a vital piece of a new energetic upgrade for the planet.

The magical journey began outside of Flagstaff, as I was heading towards Hopiland in northern Arizona. I had a spiritual vision experience with my eyes open.  I saw a Kachina floating in the air. It had a square black face mask on, with two short protrusions coming out of the top of the mask on both sides, which reminded me of buffalo horns. There were thin feathers attached near the shoulders, and it had a red loin cloth on. And most strikingly, it carried a white lightning bolt in the left hand. Hopi Kachinas are carved wooden figures which represent benevolent supernatural spirits that are associated with aspects of the natural world and Hopi society.  

In meditation, a few hours before the summer solstice sunrise event at Chaco Canyon, I re-connected with the Kachina spirit that presented itself to me earlier. I saw the red loin cloth change from red to black, and then back to red, doing this sequence several times. I would understand what this meant later in the day. I then embodied the Kachina, noticing that I was ‘inside the black square mask’ looking outward. I was told the following words of wisdom: 1- ‘through the darkness (of the black mask) you can see the light’; 2- feeling the white lightning bolt in my left hand, I was told: ‘with this power, you give (share) it’; 3- I felt myself in the Kachina body, having small childlike feet and heard: ‘walk quietly, gently and reverently upon Mother Earth’.

After the main summer solstice sunrise event at Casa Rinconada ruin, there was a special public presentation at the Pueblo Bonito ruin, by the Acoma Pueblo Buffalo Dancers. There were two women dancers, two male dancers, and a drummer/singer. As I watched the dancers come into the open space, I had shivers run through my body. I saw what the male dancers were wearing:  they carried a white lightning bolt in their left hands, they had a red loin cloth on, they had a buffalo headdress on (which looked like a square shape, mostly black color, with 2 horns coming out of the buffalo head), and there were narrow long bird feathers coming out of their shoulders! Coincidence or destined confirmation that spirit Kachinas are real?

When the buffalo dancers danced, my soul heard the beat of the drumming and I started dancing in place. My soul was remembering my many past lifetimes as a Native American, and how much the sound of the drum beat stirred my soul to want to dance in the ancient ways. It felt like a spiritual home coming.

I understood now that earlier in meditation where I kept seeing the loin cloth go from red to black, and back again, that I was being shown that both of those colors were on the loin cloth, with the predominate color being red. The Acoma Pueblo Buffalo Dancers looked like the Buffalo Kachina, which had presented itself to me at the start of the journey. The main difference was that the Buffalo Kachina had a black mask on, whereas the Buffalo Dancers did not have a mask, only a buffalo headdress.

Witnessing the amazing experience of seeing the Kachina outside of Flagstaff, and then seeing identical looking Buffalo dancers at Chaco Canyon, confirmed that I was being honored  by a Buffalo Kachina accompanying me on this spiritual journey to do my lightwork at Chaco Canyon. I felt so honored.

When I got back home I looked up some interpretations of the Buffalo Kachina. From the Buffalo Kachina is the most powerful amongst Kachinas, can kill any evil thoughts, and great spiritual protector. From the Buffalo Kachina wears a mask and performs using the rattle and the lightning stick. From very powerful Kachina, a great spiritual protector against evil.


Fast forward to June of 2019: I was asked to do an energy clearing at a location in Tucson. As I energetically tuned into the location to find out what was happening there, I saw an energy in the shape of a upward funnel, with its narrow base at the ground. Inside the funnel was a ‘black lightning bolt’. My spiritual intuition knew that this represented the negative energy. Then without hesitation, I knew to call upon the Buffalo Kachina, which I had met last year on my spiritual journey to Chaco Canyon. I felt the Buffalo Kachina beside me, and saw a ‘white lightning bolt’ appear inside the energy funnel, transmuting the negative black lightning bolt out of existence. I knew that from now on, I had a new special spiritual alley which was there to help me as a great protector.  I again felt very blessed and honored by my new spiritual helper.