Awakening a Labyrinth
May 26, 2019
Earth Re-Activated to the Galactic Grid
June 11, 2019

There is an interdimensional portal area located in the Dishman Hills Natural Resources Conservation Area in Spokane Valley, Washington. This 530-acre recreation area contains granite outcroppings, where a known sacred site area, called the Rocks of Sharon exists.


One day in the fall of 2014, I decided to go to the sacred site called the Rocks of Sharon. I brought my sacred wooden staff along with me, as I used it in my earth healing light work, and felt intuitively that it should come along!

This staff has natural spiraling twists in the wood, which carries serpent energy. When I asked the staff what other objects it wanted to be put on it (proper sacred staff protocol), it said that it only wanted a piece of wolf fur, which I already had. Wolf is one of my very special power animals. This sacred staff carries serpent and wolf energies, and on this day, the wolf energies would wind up helping to facilitate a wonderful spiritual adventure of entering an interdimensional portal, the home of werewolves!

Deb and sacred wooden staff at the Rocks of Sharon sacred site

The energies at this site were definitely strong, and felt like an ancient energy. I took pictures of myself and my sacred staff at a special tall rock. Then I started walking around, and found a spot to set in, which was surrounded by large rocks all around me. With my staff on my lap, I started to meditate to connect with the sacred energies of the land. What happened next occurred when I was fully in an awake  state of consciousness, not a meditative or daydream state.

I felt a shift in the energy, as I saw a clear shimmering overlay of energy start to surround the rocks that enclosed me. And to my astonishment, I saw a large upright wolf walking about 50 feet from me. I felt that this was a female werewolf (she had a body which looked like a wolf, but with a human type shape). My vision then shifted to being able to see her rear paws close up, as she was walking upright on large paws/feet, like a human would walk. I could clearly see the angle of her paws/feet, which allowed her to walk upright. My vision had somehow shifted to being able to focus up closely on her feet (not a normal thing that my human eyes can do). She walked right in front of me and sat down, still about 50 feet from me. Her demeanor was calm.

Then I saw a much larger werewolf walking towards her. I intuitively knew he was the mate of the female werewolf. As he was almost to where she was, he stopped and looked at me, as he suddenly realized that I was there. I sensed that he was feeling aggressive and territorial at that moment. I felt that he was surprised that a human had been able to be in his interdimensional location, which normally was not accessible to 3rd dimensional humans. It was like I was invading his sacred living space, and he also was protective of his mate. I watched this unfold in astonishment, but with no fear, as throughout the years, I have had numerous supernatural experiences, and so I just took this as another special spiritual adventure.

Then he started running towards me, in an effort to attack me. Surprisingly, I still held any fear at bay, as a big scary werewolf with large snarling teeth was heading towards me. I clutched my sacred staff even tighter. Then he abruptly stopped about 5 feet away from me. He became confused, as he had looked at the wooden staff on my lap, with a large piece of wolf fur wrapped around the handle. I intuitively knew that he was asking ‘why is this mortal human, who is not supposed to be in his interdimensional time and space, holding a piece of wolf fur, of which he was related to’.

I telepathically told him that I meant him and his mate no harm. I knew that the energy of my power animal wolf fur was protecting me at this moment. It was a surreal experience, being with real alive werewolves in a special interdimensional time and space which I had unexpectedly shifted into. As he stood still with an attitude of surprise and confusion, he was able to understand that the spirit of my wolf fur was expressing to him that I was indeed harmless. He then walked back to his mate and sat down beside her, still eyeing me cautiously.

As the three of us were in a state of wonderment at what was happening, I could see off to the side, two other smaller werewolves beside some rocks in the perimeter. I telepathically told all the werewolves that it was an honor to of had the special experience of meeting them, and that out of respect now, me and my wooden staff were going to leave them in peace.

As I walked out the rock area, I could again see and feel myself shift out of a clear wavy interdimensional portal. It was a very special experience of being to meet real werewolves that exist in another time and space. As I reached my car at the trailhead, I thanked the spirits of the land and creator for allowing me to have such a grand supernatural experience. And my sacred wooden staff and wolf fur got a very special hug from me.

Yes, werewolves are REAL!