Yes, Kachinas are Real !
July 24, 2019
Ascension Awakening of Galactic and Egyptian Energies on 7-30-21
August 1, 2021

In July of 2016, I was intuitively guided to go on a spiritual journey to southern England. A month before the trip, I energetically traveled to England, and was shown what I was to do: clear and heal ancient sacred sites, re-energize the ley lines, clear London of old war vibrations, connect with Merlin, and go to St Michaels Mount. Of all of these destinations, I intuitively felt that St. Michaels Mount would be the most important for me to go to.

St Michaels Mount is a small tidal island in Mounts Bay, Cornwall, England. There is a castle at the top of the Mount. Inside the castle is a chapel, which in 1070 was given to the Benedictine monks for use as a monastery. Legends from as far back as 495 AD, said that seafarers were guided to safety by the apparition of Archangel Michael. This has prompted the island to be a place for religious pilgrimage. This is also a special location for spiritual seekers who believe that age-old Michaels and Mary ley lines cross under the sea at the Mount, and then go onward thru Southern England.

It is a beautiful and energetically special setting. It was fun to take a small boat from the mainland across the water to the island. I explored the island, trusting that I would be intuitively guided to where I needed to be to help anchor in new galactic ascension energetics into the Michael and Mary ley lines. When I found that special location, I felt and saw a new overlay of light energetics flowing into the existing ley lines.

As I guessed that my lightwork at the Mount was successfully completed, I decided to explore the beautiful castle. It was an amazing experience, walking into ancient rooms that were restored to a regal beauty of that time period. Near the end of exploring the castle, there was one more place to see, the chapel. Inside the chapel area, I immediately felt a huge surge of high energy as I entered through the chapel door. I was surprised by the power of this energy, as I wandered why this location carried this high vibration.

My eyes were guided to a statue of Archangel Michael and Lucifer on a wall of the chapel. It radiated one of the powerful energies I have ever felt from a statue. The statue showed Archangel Michael holding a sword in his upright right hand, with his left hand pointed downward toward a frightened Lucifer on the ground, who had one of his hands held upward in a protective gesture.

As I was energetically connecting to the statue, I saw and felt Archangel Michael appear two feet from me. He asked me if I wanted to re-dedicate myself to doing his spiritual work. With tears in my eyes, my heart said ‘of course I re-dedicate myself to doing your spiritual work’! I felt a strong and familiar connection to Archangel Michael. I saw another spiritual being standing off to the side of Archangel Michael, whom I intuitively felt was Jeshua, another being of light that is dear to my heart. With much gratitude, I thanked these divine beings of light, as they faded away. I wiped tears from of joy and gratitude for this unexpected divine experience.

I then continued upon the rest of my adventure to the sacred sites of Southern England. To read more about this trip, go the blog posting titled England’s Galactic Ascension Activation. When I got back home in the USA, I had time to reflect upon the statue which radiated such powerful energy. As I meditated upon the meaning of the statue, I had a unique revelation about its meaning.

I noticed that Archangel Michael was holding the sword along the blade, just below the handle. He was not holding the sword in manner which reflected intending to use the sword as a weapon. If battle was his intention, he would have held it by the handle, with the blade pointing upward, ready to strike in a downward motion. And as I zoomed in for a closer look at Archangel Michael’s left hand which was pointed downwards toward Lucifer, I had a big ah-ha insight! His palm was facing upward, n a gesture of offering Lucifer his hand in peace, offering to help Lucifer get up.

That insight changed the whole paradigm of the age-old religious belief of Archangel Michael wanting to defeat Lucifer in battle. This statue displayed a different intention of Archangel Michael as having compassion for Lucifer, and as such, offering his hand to Lucifer in a gesture of peace. Isn’t this revelation a confirmation of what Christianity really is supposed to be: one of compassion and love? I leave it for you to meditate or pray upon this.

In blessings of love and light, Starwalker