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May 29, 2019
Mummy Adventure with Anubis and Thoth
June 14, 2019

On Sept. 26, 2007, I remembered that I had contracted to come to earth to finish energetic and spiritual work with the Angelic Merkaba. The work with this special sacred geometry had been stopped eons ago, due to human misuse in Atlantis.

An eight foot Angelic Merkaba had been set up in the house, which had Atlantean energetics. I used this powerful large Angelic Merkaba to connect with high spiritual and galactic beings, and to help raise my vibrational state of consciousness. This day, I intuitively knew that it was important for me to stand inside the large Angelic Merkaba.

Then I saw black velvety walls coming into the Angelic Merkaba room, being superimposed over the existing walls of the room. It created a galactic meeting room, like the type of galactic spaceship meeting rooms which have been shown in Star Wars type movies. My soul recognized this type of galactic meeting room from long ago. Then seven galactic ambassadors, who were star nation representatives of various systems such as the Pleaides, Sirius, Arcturus etc., came into the room and stood around the Angelic Merkaba.

I then remembered who I was and what my ancient role with the Angelic Merkaba was, as well as my current role with it. I was needed as a vital human conduit interface between these galactic beings and Mother Earth, to re-activate the earth to the ‘Galactic Grid’. Along with the 7 divine galactic beings surrounding me, we decreed that this re-activation was energetically communicated to all of the galaxies. Mother Earth was officially put ‘on line’ with the galactic grid again.

I was given a special gift of a golden ball of light from a full-size golden Buddha that was sitting on the floor next to the Angelic Merkaba. I merged into that ball of light, and also infused that energy into the other two people in the room, which they both felt strongly.  One of the people was able to see what I was experiencing during this powerful spiritual experience.

From that time on, I intuitively knew what steps to use for new Angelic Merkaba activation methods. This experience marks a whole new chapter in the Angelic Merkaba work. And most importantly, Mother Earth was officially re-activated and on line with the Galactic Grid, with the blessing and assistance of the seven galactic star being representatives. This was a big spiritual awakening event for Mother Earth and her ascension process.

PS: On June 7, 2019 while in meditation to raise my vibration, I unexpected saw the same golden Buddha setting in front of me in the room. It was so nice to see him again. The last couple of years, my ascension lightwork had really accelerated. I felt that the golden Buddha was visiting me again, to offer continued divine guidance and blessings for me on my spiritual journey.