Upcoming Events

October 6, 2023

SW Flagstaff Dowsers Conference Talks by Deb on ‘Portals and Labyrinths’

Southwest Dowsers Conference in Flagstaff, AZ – Oct. 6 & 7 – Two Presentations by Deb Starwalker Peterson Biography:  I have done dowsing for over twenty years, […]
November 18, 2019

Benefits of Using Dowsing in your Daily Life

Dowsing is an ancient art of connecting your intent for an outcome, through using a dowsing tool, such as a pendulum or L-rod to define the […]
October 4, 2019

Canadian Questors Dowsing Conference talk on ‘Merkaba Energetic Dowsing’

‘Merkaba Energetic Dowsing’- a New Space Clearing Dowsing Process by Deb Peterson. Sacred geometry is an ancient science which uses geometric shapes to produce an energetic […]
March 2, 2019

Land Dowsing

Angelic Merkabas for Dowsing and Earth Healing                 Angelic Merkabas can be used as powerful dowsing tools to clear negative energies and raise the energetic vibrational level of homes and land. […]
December 11, 2018

Energy Healing Workshop

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla  This is a fun, experiential […]