Clear with Selenite & Angel Stones
November 1, 2016
Clear Double Fractal
November 1, 2016

Clear with Selenite Wand


The Selenite wand adds a high vibration of clearing and protection energies to your sacred space

The characteristics of selenite are: they are high vibration stones that quickly activates spiritual growth and transformation, they are linked to the Lightbody, assist in anchoring in new spiritual codes and breaking through illusion, balances and activates the chakras (especially the crown and soul star chakras), enhances access to the Angelic realm, cleanses the aura of negative energy, brings 5D light into 3D matter, clears and enhances the energy of what is around it (the Angelic Merkaba), and is a tool for enlightenment as a link between spirit and matter.

Having a selenite wand inside an Angelic Merkaba creates a powerful spiritual partnership of a sacred tool for spiritual transformation and Ascension awakening.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 9 in