February 23, 2018
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July 24, 2021

Amethyst Large

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The Amethyst (large size) Ascension Merkaba helps clear and balance the chakra energy field, activate sacred space, and accelerate spiritual consciousness

Purple amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone in the quartz family.

It has unique spiritual and energy healing attributes. It activates spiritual awareness by promoting a higher level of consciousness, providing a spiritual connection to the divine, and enhancing one’s psychic abilities and intuition.

It is a healing stone which initiates wisdom and greater understanding. It can soothe the mind and emotions.

Its metaphysical properties promote calmness, discernment, serenity, peace, comfort, and relaxation.

With its stress-relieving properties, it can be used to amplify a peaceful meditative state of being.

It increases protection against negative energy and feelings and attracts positive energy.

Amethyst is associated with the 7th Crown chakra of connection to the divine, spiritual purpose, and connectedness with the universe. It is also linked to the 6th Third Eye chakra of intuition and psychic abilities.

Gemstone Beads: Amethyst
Corresponding Chakra: 7th Crown and 6th Third Eye
Bead Color: Purple
Approximately 3.75″ High x 4.25″ Wide


‘4 FREE BONUSES included’ with the purchase of your Ascension Merkaba:  1. Merkaba information MP3 Audio file;   2. Merkaba Meditation MP3 Audio file;    3. New owner information and benefits PDF;    4. Information on four powerful ways to use your Merkaba PDF.

  • This unique metaphysical sacred geometry configuration creates a high vibration energy field.
  • Positive energy shifts can happen because of the quantum physics ‘law of entrainment’, where a person synchronizes or entrains up to the higher vibration of an Ascension Merkaba.
  • Ascension Merkabas are energetic sacred geometry tools for enlightenment and positive transformation
  • Ascension Merkabas have a unique sacred geometry pattern configuration, which is not the typical merkaba star tetrahedron pattern.

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