Energetic Sacred Geometry Tools for Holistic Transformation

  • Angelic Merkabaam

    An Energetic Tool for Positive Transformation (MER means light;  KA means spirit;  BA means body). It is a complex stellated star octahedron Sacred Geometry design, which is an energetic  tool and link between spirit and matter. Read more..

  • Merkaba Light Table lighttable

    A new Wellness Device and Transformational Process, which is based upon Angelic Merkaba energetics, which positively affects the human energy field and chakra system. It works with the scientifically based concepts of energetic sacred geometry, vortex scalar technology, and quantum physics vibrational entrainment. Read more…

  • Merkaba Dowsing

    Angelic Merkabas are Powerful Dowsing Tools to help clear negative energies and raise the energetic vibrational levels of homes and land. They create sacred space and bring in positive vibrations into a cleared space. They complement and enhance other dowsing protocols. Read more…

giphySpinning an Angelic Merkaba activates a high vibration field of energy

Beautiful meditation to soothe the soul and relax into a state of deep relaxation, as you experience connecting with the love of the creator”