Angelic Merkabas – Energetic Tools for Enlightenment and Positive Transformation

  • Increases Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Stimulates a Positive Energetic Resonance with the Human Energy Field, raising the energy vibration
  • Accelerates Higher Consciousness Awakening and Personal Transformation
  • Amplifies the Intention and Manifestation Process
  • Clears and Balances the Chakras and Energy Field (Energetic Tune Up)
  • Boosts the Bodys Natural Restorative Processes
  • Enhances the Meditation Experience
  • Clears and Creates Sacred Space
  • Water and Food can be Energetically Enhanced when placed under an Angelic Merkaba
  • Creates a Peaceful state of Well-Being (Stress Reduction)
  • The Energy Field of the Angelic Merkaba can be Amplified by Spinning it Clockwise (vortex scalar technology)
  • Can be used as powerful Dowsing Tools to clear homes and land

  • Its construction is stellated Star Octahedron Sacred Geometry
  • Based upon Quantum Entrainment: a persons vibration raises up to the vibration of the Angelic Merkaba
  • Uses Vortex Technology: Spinning a Merkaba Amplifies the Vibrational Potential
  • They are divinely inspired creations that are unique Intelligent Energy Devices
  • Made with high quality gold and silver wire, and made with ‘Love’ !

  • Made with Bone, Gemstone, Stone or Angel Gate Stones: are more ‘Grounding, Physical’
  • Made with Gemstones and Stones: have the ‘personality and characteristics of that gemstone/stone’
  • Clear Plastic structure consisting of Selenite Wands, Caduceus Coil, or Fractal Geometry: are ‘Higher Consciousness Spiritual Accelerators’
  • 2 Sizes of Angelic Merkabas available to the general public:  ‘Small’ and ‘Medium
  • ‘Large’ Size Angelic Merkabas are only available in MLT Certified Professional packages

  • Angelic Merkabas are part of the Merkaba Light Table (MLT)
  • This study demonstrates that Angelic Merkabas are able to positively affect the human energetic field and chakras




Angelic Merkabas For Sale

Small Size Angelic Merkabas

  • Conveniently portable
  • Hang from rear view mirror in car to Create Sacred Space and enhance protective energies
  • Carry into Nature for amplified meditation energies to connect with Mother Earth
  • Create a positive energy vortex when placed in Nature
  • Conveniently portable Dowsing Tools to clear homes and land
  • Create Sacred Space by spinning an Angelic Merkaba
  • The clear plastic ones are approximately 4 inches wide, the bone ones are about 5 inches wide, and the gemstone ones are approximately 6 inches wide


Create Sacred Space on Land and Home. ‘Merkaba Dowsing’ for Positive Vibrations


Enhanced Energetic Travel Protection


Small Clear Plastic Merkabas

These carry a high vibration of energy

Small Bone Merkabas

These are useful for portable Merkaba Dowsing, for Grounding energies, and to connect with Nature Spirits

Small Stone Merkabas

These Beautiful Angelic Merkabas are good for Grounding, Connection to Nature and as portable Merkaba Dowsing tools

Small Gemstone Merkabas

These have the Energetic Vibrations of the Gemstones materials that are used


Medium Size Angelic Merkabas

  • Enhance Sleep and Dreamtime with Angelic Merkabas in Bedroom
  • Produces a high vibrational energetic field, which can positively affect the human energy field
  • Put in Home to Clear and Create Sacred Space
– Put on Alter to Amplify Energetic Spiritual Vibration
  • Clear and Balance the Energetic Field
- For Personal Transformation and Spiritual Consciousness Acceleration
  • Great for Enhancing Deep Meditation
  • Use as a ‘New Dowsing Tool’ to clear homes and land
  • Approximately 9 Inches Wide

Clear Medium Merkabas

These are very powerful high vibration spiritual accelerators

Bone Medium Merkabas

These are great for carrying the energetic characteristics of the center gemstone, plus are good for Grounding and to connect with Nature Spirits

 Gemstone Medium Merkabas

These have the Energetic Vibrations of the Gemstones materials that are used



Spinning an Angelic Merkaba activates a higher vibrational field of energy

Want to Experience the Energy of an Angelic Merkaba?

Step 1: On the STORE page, pick out a picture of an Angelic Merkaba that you like the best and print a copy of it. If you cannot print the picture, then look at the picture, noticing its sacred geometry shape.

Step 2: While looking at the picture of the Angelic Merkaba, listen to the 4:30 minute audio below, which is an Introduction to what Angelic Merkabas are, and their uses and benefits.

Step 3. Meditate to the 10 minute guided imagery audio recording below, while having the Angelic Merkaba picture you printed out placed on your body, preferably near your heart center. If you       could not print out a picture, then connect with the picture on the screen, then close your eyes and continue to do the meditation. It is recommended that you lie down or set quietly, eyes closed and body relaxed. Do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery.

‘Have a Wonderful Merkaba Connection Experience!’   Blessings, Deb


Meditation CDs and DVDs

  • Deb has created guided imagery meditations which help relax a person and assist in raising their vibrational state of consciousness.
  • From her professional experience as a hypnotherapist, she creates meditations which deeply bring a person into an altered state of consciousness, to facilitate positive transformation.
  • Most of the CDs have the solfeggio heart code frequency 528 Hz embedded in the background music, to enhance the positive transformational results of the meditation.


For your safety, do not listen to these audio meditations while driving or operating machinery!


 Sacred Triad Meditation MP3

A powerful guided meditation to balance your energetic field and raise your consciousness vibration. Experience grounding to the heart of Mother Earth, connecting to the loving energy of the creator, and completing your sacred triad by calling forth your higher self.  The background music is embedded with the 528 Hz love frequency.     14 minutes


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 7 Chakra Balancing Meditation MP3

A wonderful guided meditation to help clear and balance your 7 chakra energy centers in your body. You are gently guided to connect with each of your chakras, as you allow them to rise in vibration to their divine balanced energetic blueprint, through the use of creative visualization, tuning fork sound therapy, and color therapy.     36 minutes


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Merkaba Activation Meditation MP3

A most popular and powerful guided imagery meditation which takes you to a very high level of consciousness awakening. You experience merging with the high frequencies of the Angelic Merkaba, while activating and raising your lightbody vibration. The background music is embedded with the 528 Hz love frequency.     19 minutes


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Merkaba Intention Meditation MP3

Angelic Merkabas are powerful tools for manifestation and activating your consciousness awakening with your intention. This guided imagery meditation creates a sacred space for you to set your intention and energetically activate the manifestation process. The background music is embedded with the 528 Hz love frequency.     19 minutes


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          Crystalline Light Table Meditation MP3

A guided meditation to cleanse and renew your lightbody and energetic field, by experiencing the high vibration of the Crystalline Light Table. This allows your energy system to entrain up to the higher frequencies of balanced wellness and deep relaxation. The background music is embedded with the 528 Hz love frequency.     18 minutes


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Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel Meditation MP3

A powerful guided meditation leading you into a sacred space state of consciousness, as you connect with the energies of the sacred geometry energetic portal of a heavenly Angel Gate and the Mother Earth grounding nature energies of a Medicine Wheel. Let your spirit soar, as you experience this shamanic journey of raising your vibration, integrating the spiritual realm of angelic beings of light with the physical realm of power animals and nature spirits.     24 minutes


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Creators Love Meditation MP4 Video DVD

A deeply relaxing meditation video, with beautiful images to assist you in connecting to the peaceful place within your soul. It takes you on a gentle journey into a world of love and light, leaving you feeling centered and balanced.     8 minutes

$11 plus $4 shipping/handling


Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel Meditation MP4 Video DVD

This powerful video leads you into a sacred space state of consciousness, as you connect with the energies of the sacred geometry energetic portal of a heavenly Angel Gate and the Mother Earth grounding nature energies of a Medicine Wheel. Let your spirit soar, as the beautiful images take you on this shamanic journey of raising your vibration, as you integrate the spiritual realm of angelic beings of light, with the physical realm of power animals and nature spirits.     24 minutes

$11 plus $4 shipping/handling   



  How to Create an Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel MP4 Video DVD
  • This DVD gives detailed instructions and diagrams on how you can build your own Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel. This is a unique, divinely guided energetic portal which merges the sacred geometry of an Angel Gate with a traditional earth-based medicine wheel.
  • The benefits of this energy vortex combination pattern of an Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel are to clear and create sacred space, to help connect the Angelic realm with Mother Earth, and to help raise the spiritual vibration of the land. When a sacred Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel is created, you may see or feel the presence of angels, nature spirits, power animals, spiritual teachers or divine beings of light.
  • This DVD also contains a powerful guided meditation with beautiful video images, which helps you to connect with the spirits of the Angel Gate – Medicine Wheel. There is also extra footage of a natural 100 foot earth energy vortex.     49 minutes

$22 plus $4 shipping/handling

 Webinar / Zoom Training Classes

To be announced

Ascension Coaching Online/Email Classes


Description of Ascension Coaching Lessons
  • Want to accelerate your understanding and integration of what Ascension means for you?
  • Want to have coaching lessons and support to help you with spiritual transformation into your Ascension awakening process?
  • These Ascension Coaching Lessons are the result of years of personal and direct divine teachings from higher beings of light, whose purpose is to help humanity go through the Ascension process.
  • You can take these lessons at your own pace, either ordering weekly, bi-monthly or monthly lessons.
  • These affordable, yet powerful spiritual Ascension lessons will help shift your spiritual consciousness into higher frequencies of vibration, as well as accelerate your Lightbody transition from 3D to 5D energetic levels.
  • Each lesson contains easy to understand Ascension teachings, lesson practice sheets, goal setting and occasional guided meditations by MP3 downloads or thru Zoom, to reinforce the training process.
  • Each lesson is sent via email or mail for people without email.
  • Special Webinar Ascension Coaching Sessions will be held occasionally, with current Ascension Coaching Lesson members receiving a webinar training discount for these sessions.
Examples of Ascension Coaching Lesson Topics
  • What is Ascension and what it means for you?
  • Creating the foundation of a Spiritual Practice
  • Spiritual Practice Ideas for Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation
  • Why the Power of Intent is so important
  • How Consciousness Calibration Markers help you track your Ascension progress
  • Conscious Calibration Markers Practice Plan
  • Daily importance of activating your Sacred Triad
  • How to awaken your 4 spiritual states of consciousness
  • Importance of Lightbody pranic tube energy breathing for Ascension awakening
  • How Angelic Merkaba Sacred Geometry accelerates Ascension Transformation
  • How to use Angelic Merkabas to ignite your Lightbody energy field
  • How the awakening of your Lightbody is so important to your Ascension
  • Lightbody awakening techniques
  • And much more….. These lessons need to be taken in sequence, as they build upon the previous lessons.
Ascension Coaching Lesson Pricing
  • Individual Weekly lessons     |    $11 each     
  • Bi-monthly lessons (2)     |    $18 per month         
  • Monthly lessons (4)     |    $33 per month     

Live Classes Registration

To be announced

Wellness Energetics (WE) offers professionals and consumers the finest subtle energy products and services to empower, transform and evolve the lives of millions for the Earth’s ascension.  WE sees my role as a bridge for humanity to higher dimensions of awareness by merging scientific technology and spiritual consciousness for a sustainable global future.