Earth Ascension Vision
January 19, 2018
Tucson-Green Valley, AZ – 6 Galactic Ascension Portals
April 30, 2018

Spiritual guidance prompted me a couple days earlier to energetically dowse a map of Tucson AZ, with the intent of asking where it was best for me to physically go. I used my palm chakra to detect the location on the map, with the added confirmation of psychically seeing that location on the map as having a slight glow of white light. It was a circular area on the east side of Tucson, butting up to the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. What energetically stood out near the middle of the energetic circle, was a road named Bear Canyon Rd (I have an affinity to bears because of one of my shamanic power animals is a powerful brown bear). I was eager to go there in person, so went on April 4, 2018.

As I was driving closer to Bear Canyon Road, I could feel the energetic power growing stronger. I was getting closer to the Catalina Mountains, and once again, I could feel an energetic communication with them. As I drove up Bear Canyon Road, I felt that I should continue up to where that road ended near the mountain. I then turned around and continued driving around the main roads within the energy circle area I had dowsed. It felt clear and peaceful, but I still wandered why I was sent there.

Then coincidently I found out, when I went to another part of Tucson to go to an energy healing meetup. I arrived early and got to meet the organizer, who had very nice energy. As we talked, I mentioned the location where I had been driving around, and the lady told me that she knew about  energetic portals that were near to where Bear Canyon Rd ended.

Ah ha- that was the information I needed to finish my understanding of why I had been directed to go to that area on the map. It awakened in me the knowing that those portals were part of my soul mission of why I had been called to be in Tucson. Actually I know there are no so called ‘coincidences’, and that meeting this lady was actually ‘confirmation’ about the earth healing work I was meant to do in the Tucson area. The clues were unraveling like a thread from a piece of cloth. I just had to be open to follow the path where those clues lead me.

So the next morning, I decided to meditate and energetically ‘travel’ to that portal location to ask more about it. I am grateful for my spiritual gift of being able to energetically travel to anywhere on or off the planet to do my galactic ascension healing work for Mother Earth. So with my intent set, I purposely raised my vibration in order to receive what I needed to receive and experience.

I was then energetically standing in front of the portal closest to the mountain. It appeared as a vertical pillar of bright white light, and reminded me of a rough piece of long selenite. I then heard the words ‘It is a ‘Diamond Activation Portal’.

I then called upon my shamanic brown bear power animal to come forth into my energy field. Then I saw another brown bear appear in front of the portal, and I knew that it represented the energy of that Bear Canyon Road area. Both bears were equal in energetic power. Then to my surprise, both bears energetically merged together. I felt a wonderful peaceful resonance of oneness of the bears merging and my energy lightbody field. It felt like a very natural connection between myself and the merging with the energy of that portal area.

I then had the intention to learn more information about the Diamond Activation Portal. My lightbody was taken upward into the outer reaches of the earth’s atmosphere, and I was looking downward towards that vertical portal.  I intuitively knew that this portal was connected to other universes and dimensions, because part of its mission was to be a galactic connection point to other realms of existence.

I then was told that this portal was ‘1 of 10 galactic geometric-shaped transmission portals’, as well as being a light shaft portal of receptivity and galactic interface for Mother Earth-Gaia. It was a two way transmission portal of communication, information and energy between Mother Earth and other existences and dimensions. It was more of a mechanical device, versus having a distinct intelligence and spirit as some portals can be.

With the intention to tune into this information even deeper, my breathing changed into going deeper to raise my vibration level. My lightbody was becoming a conduit for an activation to take place. My lightbody started filling up with a soft purple light energy, which was filling the portal area and flowing into the whole Tucson valley. My body was vibrating, from being a catalyst for this purple light to flow like a cloud of energy into the valley.

I finally knew why I was guided to that special area, why the lady told me about the portals, and why I  was shown the galactic purpose of this portal. It was to be a conduit for higher galactic energetic vibrations to be activated and anchored into the valley. This was right in alignment with my souls mission of ‘helping Mother Earth go through the stargate for ascension’. I have gratefully done this type of mission many times over the last few years, traveling to many sacred sites around the world.

Side note: Another interesting phenomena happened the day after the January 31st lunar eclipse. I was driving north on I10 towards Tucson, and unexpectedly the tallest of the Tucson mountain range mountains ‘presented itself to me’. It was as if it was calling me and my eyes were drawn to it. I could psychically ‘see’ a flow of energy coming out of it, going into the valley. I asked the mountain what was happening, and I heard one word ‘timing’. I intuitively knew that it meant that this energetic flow was happening because it was timed to happen after the lunar eclipse the previous day.

About a week later, as I was driving on that road again, the mountain again made its presence known to me and this time it said one word ‘release’. I intuitively knew that this meant that the mountains energy flow was releasing some old energies which had been held in the earth for a long time, and now, in alignment with divine timing, it was being released. I chuckled to myself that I was communicating with a mountain that was a mountain ‘of few words’ and not a gabby mountain-haha.

I am so grateful to Spirit for these spiritual gifts of being able to see, feel, know and communicate with many levels of dimensions and types of beings (rocks, trees, mountains, angels, nature spirits,  beings of light, galactic energies etc.). It makes sense that Spirit gave me the spirit name of ‘Starwalker’. I am most grateful that I am doing the spiritual work that I volunteered to come to earth to do-it is happening and is such fun!